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Sam I’m sure has been up for at least an hour, working in his garden.  When he told me of this extremist practice, working with him yesterday in the res room, I felt like I was lacking, in my overall habit.  1,366 more words


Mass Murder 4-19-2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This morning I hand washed all of me clothes in the lapila and Virginia was yelling at me the whole time telling me I was doing it wrong. 400 more words


Tools of the Trade: Notebooks

I love notebooks. It has become something of an addiction for me; I have almost thirty notebooks lying around, and most of them are still blank. 1,301 more words


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Jane & Fred

Jane hurled clothes from their closet onto the bed in sheer frustration and Fred wisely said nothing as he dodged the outfits hurtling toward him.  He watched as random weekend wear piled on the bed, what was an unorganized random collection of clothes clearly had a purpose for Jane.  He could hear her muttering under her breath but wisely decided to keep his mouth shut. 569 more words

Short Story

Oz Diary: Part 2 - 7 jam di Singapore

Begitu mendarat di Terminal 3 Changi Airport, sebenarnya gak yakin mau melangkah ke mana. Tapi jalan aja terus, ternyata gak lama sampe di Terminal 2. Menurut informasi yang kubaca, disini nih tempatnya Free Tour. 574 more words


Entry Fifteen: March 3rd, 2014

“When Rexi talks to you, always try to separate from him, disagree with what he is saying, and disobey him. Sometimes the best that you will be able to do is to just disobey him. 126 more words