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In the library and you can definitely feel the semester intensifying.  I’m out in the open like an African deer or varmint and I could be attack at any minute by some student dissatisfied with their paper grade.  342 more words


Random Mondays

Well it’s another random Monday–at least where I am now =) So last week I took the time to focus on a different form of writing. 240 more words



October is here and where have the days flown? So much going on. I am now more settled in and believe each day when I wake up that I am HOME. 301 more words


What does it mean to depend on others? (Translated by Jack Xu)


What does it mean to depend on others?

We are all human, but our intelligence levels vary greatly.

The wise and the immoral, although different, all use rhetoric to sweet talk and defend ourselves, which is why the unwise leaders become muddled in their judgement. 249 more words


A book for Jeff.

A friend of mine asked me to make him a book. This is it, and the story. 65 more words

Joe Kirby's Coming And Going


typing in mendo class.  First section done, met them briefly and sent them to write their second papers.  Student in the 11AM section, with her short story– more literary might than I’ve exhibited in some of my recent bouts but I’m back into my usual rampant marathon prose, with this nov 1st deadline for whoso and the novel’s draft being done by the end of today.  456 more words


Lost Season

Autumn has deplaned.

Gold exhales brown. The peacock summer

spills into the fox’s den.

–Excerpt from “Lost Season” in Hanging Like Hope on the Equinox… 11 more words