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Where should I publish my work?

In my last post I requested suggestions for where to publish the Dirk Bode article.  I got some suggestions from Harold–thanks, Harold–which set me on my usual “dog on a bone” hunt for options. 1,181 more words


Old Thoughts Week

I came upon some old journal entries of mine from the spring before I moved to Tucson. I thought I’d share a few of them over the next days for some insight into what went through my mind. 440 more words

Semana Santa Weekend 4-20-2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yesterday evening I went out for what I thought was just a small walk that turned into the whole evening. I was with Mama Virginia, Lino (my brother), and Piti (my sisters best friend who lives with us) and we went into town to meet Norma (my sister) who was coming back from work. 646 more words


The molecular TIE fighter

Where did the inspiration for the TIE fighters in Star Wars come from? Well, we surely can’t rule out that George Lucas read this Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie… 10 more words


How the job market used to work...

For reasons that will become apparent in a few months (it’s not that exciting), I have spent a lot of today looking at papers associated with the discovery and early structural studies of ferrocene. 71 more words


My Favorite Recovery Tool

For most of my life, I always kept things a secret. I am known as what is called a “stuffer”. I stuff my feelings and thoughts deep down until I can’t take anymore and I explode. 545 more words


To You, Dear Reader

Now that the holiday weekend is behind me, it’s time for some catching up. This blogging challenge – write a post to your dream reader – is making me think. 173 more words