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Every day 172,800 blogs are added to the internet. And that's just today.

Here are three statements that I would say are true:

1. Most of what is written is not read

2. Most of what is read is quickly forgotten… 842 more words


The Journal Tool

Keeping a journal can be one of the best tools in your mind/body toolbox.  Why?

  • Writing down your thoughts can be a place to purge emotions, judgments and all the yuck in your head that has a hard time leaving.  
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Journals and platforms - a stable relationship? Neigh!

I’ve told this tail so often, it’s making me horse!

Some ejournals are published on one platform only, and all their content can be found in place.  380 more words

Journals and matryoshka (Russian) dolls

The structure of a ejournal can appear very strange if, like many of my current students, you have never known the world of print journals.  I’ve found the following story useful in explaining to my students why online journals are structured in the way they are. 191 more words

images by that clock

With the day over, I’m tired.  Another no-wine night and I’m all write’d out.  No topic interests me, certainly not my indecisiveness.  The teaching blog, dying in 15 days.  285 more words


Thank You for Today

Originally written 11/1/2014

The New Yorker is on my bed, invitingly open to a vintage close-up of Wonder Woman.  It’s cold outside.  The chill is persistent enough to crawl through the walls and clever enough to slip inside whenever someone opens a door.  278 more words


I Love My Computer (A Wise Purchase)

I downloaded two apps a couple of days ago. After Sunday I’ll stop filling out my diary cards. One of the apps tracks my mood for the day and the other tracks my sleep. 59 more words

My Life