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Walk back Home

I walked into a dark gruesome path
The farther i went the darker it got
Aware yet oblivious of what darkness held
I walked so far and headed back home. 103 more words


The journey home begins again...

Before we start the journey, I would like to point out that I will be using the Finnish non-gender third person singular pronoun: hän; as well as the possessive form: hänen. 287 more words


The Journey Home

I can find all the truth in it.

The essential truth however is,

The simple truth is -

It’s all about finding yourself!

We all are  on our journey home!


A quick snap via a camera phone and an intentional camera shake

Once Upon A Sunday.. 24th November 2013

Complete fail uploading this last week, there may have been some added blondness also on my part.

I still sing loud

I still enjoy the view… 35 more words

Once Upon A Sunday

Jayne & Donna: On the Bus: The Shoot

This evening I photographed Jayne & Donna on the bus and travelled with them to re-shoot them in their home again.

I found this rather difficult in the hustle and bustle of travelling and having to photograph in darkness due to winter nights. 828 more words

Shoots & Meetings

Jayne & Donna: Going Home: On the Bus

Two ladies living life together. One is sighted, one is not. One has four legs, one does not.

The working day begins and ends on the bus for Jayne and her Guide Dog Donna.

224 more words
Guide Dog