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Some Details...

So with this new journey comes a lot of changes and transitions. In order to live different you have to start doing things differently. Now I understand that our salvation and identity is not based on what we do, but as James points out, “Faith without works is dead.” And I don’t want a dead faith. 466 more words


Happiness Restored

My happiness is restored, after so long.
Reminded of who I am and where I belong, after so many lost months. I feel at ease again. 76 more words

Cyclists - You Know Who You Are

There are bicyclists all over Stowe.  And good on ‘em for being so athletic and enjoying the summer. There’s just one thing. Pedestrians should be able to enjoy the summer as well without having to dash for the grass as the cyclists tear down sidewalks and over bridges going full tilt. 244 more words

Which are you living Dreams or Fears

Which one are you living? Dreams or Fears

We always say now is not the time, I will do it later, or let me think about it. 13 more words


ORB 1- Leaf Color

To assist with choosing the colors for each rock I find a rock of similar rock matter and experiment with different colors and techniques.

I was looking for a green that would be earthy but not too so. 39 more words

The Journey

40 days of Love, Hope, Dreams and Manifestations - Day 24 - 25 July

You know what I’m grateful for today?

Trusting in my own journey.
Being open to the ups and downs this path has presented to me… 323 more words


A Different Me

Originally published to Kathryn Can on 7/24/2011

On the morning of July 13, 2011, I awoke a different person than I had been the day before.  749 more words