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Too much thought and the dreaded compliment

I’m struggling with a few things right now. One of which is caring too much what others think of me. I find my best decisions are made when I’m not worried about the outcome of what others opinions are. 652 more words



my journey begins—

Buddha becomes the pebble

lodged in my left shoe



As a member of the United States Air Force, if anything two tours of duty in Afghanistan have taught me was the importance of resilience in the midst of hardship. 773 more words

Father's Rights

Healing Starts with You

John 5:6-7

It’s easy to remain in the same state that your familiar with, and to a certain degree comfortable with being in. No one is responsible for your inward happiness/healing but you; and you can not control the peace/joy that others chose to Carry inside of them. 92 more words


Spending money in Korea can either be really cheap or really expensive. It all really depends on what you buy and where you shop. I have given myself a budget to spend while I’m here and I’m glad to say I am still within budget. 433 more words


Today is cleaning day….lots of peach juice…fig sticky…grape crap…dog hair..on the kitchen floor…Daddy has been slicing…dicing his fruit trees stuff..Hmm!…mighty sticky…and he is gone for most of the day…so that is my Q to do… 260 more words

Arts And Crafts

My Buddy

My Buddy

My buddy was a basketball
Everywhere that I went
My buddy went too
Okay, okay I started hanging out at basketball courts
So every court I went to my buddy went too… 76 more words