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9 days to the year’s end people.

Some people are dancing seeing as they were able to accomplish what they wanted while others are in a state of panic simply because they need an extra 6 months added to 2014 so they can cross off the items in their 2014 bucket list. 134 more words



This path, I don’t know where it’s going to take me,
But I like the wind, that blows through my hair,
As I move ahead, along the way. 118 more words

Persopublic Space

First Year

Metastate is about honoring each other’s stories, no matter how different, and creating a more complete picture of our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We’ll share our conversations here and invite you to add your voices to the discussion. 831 more words


Look At The Dots

I kept my thoughts to myself
In a notebook that I began writing
Inspired by 2Pac because I thought
Writing poetry was for girls but I enjoyed it… 101 more words

ChristmasTime up in Here!!!!!


Well…My Amy L. Has left but the door swung open and some more ChristmasTime came in….My Edenton Groupies….

Gift wrapping paper a flying..dogs a running…Daddy trying to dodge all the peeps n dogs with his wheelie…laughter…TV a Blaring…it was CrazyTime..with alittle PorchChristmasTime throwed in…Ahhhhh!…the esscence of Christmas…and these two were the best gifts…. 667 more words

Arts And Crafts

Freelancer =Happiness

All of us allow ourselves to be consumed by life. In the process we lose the essence of who we are, the opportunity to connect with like minded people,listen to our gut instinct. 161 more words