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The Train

The train in silent majesty
Easing along till it ceased
Settling in by the window
I await the visual feast

The train beginning to rumble… 144 more words



Unsure of what was lacking in his character she began to search for graciousness. She sits and watches from a distance every day and notices his brash, abrasive nature. 429 more words


The Wake-Up Call

Nothing was more shocking to him than his greatest wake-up call in life.

He once thought that after he was called for his mission, he can still go back to his old dump of lifestyle. 327 more words


Journey of a Lifetime

I have more-or-less so to speak abandoned this body since the last post September 2012.. as there was much work and life and cosmic missions to accomplish out in the “real” 3D world, I apologize for the MIA.. 49 more words


Anxiety's Hold

Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead…

1,268 more words
Being And Feeling

Leading up to now...

Where to begin. I guess I shall chronologically brief you on the events that effectively ‘dominoed’ into my current state. As my dad keeps on telling me “it took a lot of time for it to get this bad… It will take a lot of time for it to get better”. 1,713 more words