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Recipe for Diverting Depression at Christmas

Recipe for Diverting Depression at Christmas

1. Feel fine
2. mix in energy
3. with creative ideas
4. allowing springs in all directions
5. put in to practice enthusing others… 116 more words

Millstones and Milestones and Brandenburg Gates

Millstones and Milestones

Milestones and turning points
Mixed metaphors
If ever there were
They make
Perfect sense
Brandenburg Gate
Entrance and exit
One life… 31 more words

The Word Gone Out

And now it’s done

And now it’s done
And now there’s rest
A small
Then timid outstretch
Perhaps it’s liked
Perhaps it touches… 37 more words

Finding my voice...

In August 2013 I reflected here on my feelings about being questioned whether I sing. For decades I attended concerts and events where my husband or sons were singing, and I organised school concerts for many years. 190 more words

An Understanding

An Understanding

An understanding
A new perspective
Some pieces
In context
Swirling currents
Not soothed
Not controlled
But made use
Hydro electric
Emotionally charged
Energy explained… 33 more words