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Finally kayaked and made someone's day...

I had the day off today, and so it’s been a long weekend.  A long weekend of doing absolutely nothing and eating barely anything.  A weekend feeling paralyzed.   1,139 more words



I may be venturing into new writing territory. I was asked today to consider writing a biography. From fictional stories to real life ones. Interesting. Anyone out there with experience of biography willing to offer me some advice? 28 more words

Stepping Stones

I got nothing.

I am supposed to draw my memories of my aunt who died 18 years ago.

Or paint them.

Or do something to get them out of my brain and onto a contained environment. 587 more words


Still here...

I woke up at 8 and decided not to go to church for several reasons (long story) this morning.  So, like yesterday I went back to sleep.   164 more words


Bank Holiday festival...

This time last weekend we had a fun time meeting as a family at  Greenbelt 2014. A beautiful new site, interesting speakers, musicians, writers and artists of all sorts  – Brian McClaren, Anne Lamott, Matt Haig, Mpho Tutu, Sinead O’Connor, Dave Tomlinson and many more…. 43 more words


Hello, it's been awhile. I was wondering when you'd stop by.

This morning I slept in.  I slept until 8am!

Then I got up and moved to the couch and slept until 10am with my cat cuddling on me. 551 more words


Love is Not a Reward

The long silence has been the result of getting my head down and focusing on completing 3 major pieces of writing.

I’ve come up for air. 164 more words