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Snow blanket - small stone 31

Pristine white
Baby soft skin
Covering folds and curves
Of the landscape.
The road ahead
Around unknown corners,
Cradled in a blanket of beauty. … 39 more words

Small Stones

Milestone - small stone 30

The day when I met a small person for the first time, and experienced that amazing moment of seeing my own child with his child. 62 more words

Small Stones

Refuse a Full Circle

Refuse a Full Circle

Refuse a full circle
Spiral going viral
Moving on
Slinking and sliding
Or sidling along
Or inferencing
Circumnavigating… 26 more words

Two Petals - Time will Tell

Two Petals

Two petals

The others look-
A downfall

Time will tell

Trail blazers
The weakest links
Or prophets

Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

I’ll tell on you
She’ll tell
You just wait…
Don’t tell…
Will always
Mean that
Will tell because of
Tell tale Power

Time will tell
On you.