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Allergies Allergies Allergies

Hey guys, did you know that there is a new thing that docs in the US can do to genetically test you to see how your metabolize enzymes? 267 more words


Light of a Clear Morning

This particular song, sung by it’s composer – Dolly Parton, helped me through deep, untreated depression and grief after my Aunt Nancy died. She had babysat me every day growing up while my parents worked.   675 more words


The Eye of the Storm

Living on the East Coast of the United States I am very familiar with tropical storms and hurricanes.  I remember years ago actually getting to experience what it’s like to have the eye of the storm pass over you.   504 more words



One of the most important parts of my own personal practise is journeying to the Otherworld, most specifically Vanaheim where my elven spirit companions are from and where my soul is from originally. 3,126 more words


Don't Have to Try So Hard

I read the article awhile go, but only just now watched Colbie Caillat’s new music video, “Try.” My mom was crying. I was blown away by the vulnerability the women showed in the video. 58 more words

Pieces Of Inspiration


Journeys, those that Celtic Christians undertook, were all about faith.

Not certainty.

Brendan, the Navigator, travelled without oars or sails in a small boat called… 787 more words


Stale harvest

This is the time of year when fruit is in abundance and the process of jamming, jellying, bottling and freezing begins.
It is also the time when we discover the unused bag of last years beans or blackberries lurking at the back of the freezer. 142 more words

Small Stones