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Post Journeyman Blues - Finished Orrik and Ripjaw

Ok, so once again, its been a while between posts, but getting a job will do that to you right? Anyway, since my last post the journey man league at my club has ended, and well it was a lot of fun, and although I didn’t get much painting as I would have liked to I still walked away with the Destroyer award in addition to the three chevrons a player can earn throughout the event. 258 more words

Privateer Press

WaH: Twofer!

This is the (bereft of actual notes) battle report of a 2v2 game at the club’s Saturday Open Gaming.

On Thursday, my wife and I popped over to the shop for a day of games. 1,678 more words


WaH: Playing Dead

I played my first proper Battlegroup game! A lot of factors were working against it–some club dramatics, prevailing illness leaving folks ragged, fewer supplies than would be ideal (when my marker started to go out it was a dangerous time, because marking things). 1,728 more words


WaH: The Journey to Journeyman

My gators came in today! Sadly, none of my wife’s action did, but she got a bunch of games she’s pumped to use for work. Since I run a table for the 5th ed Adventurers League, (Wow, that sure feels like it needs an apostrophe) I didn’t get to jump into them right away, but they’re put together now! 667 more words


Communicating with the Younger Generation

I have a pretty large family. Most of us are in Wyoming, though that’s shifting now–I’m the oldest and I went the hell away for college and only returned to the home state a few years ago, but as my cousins reach the age of autonomy some have left. 952 more words


At Least Two Puns Spring to Mind Here

I could have gone with something about the WarMachinery clinking into action or Horde-ing more models. I didn’t go with either because I constantly try to prevent myself from punning in titles. 1,092 more words