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Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)

In this miniature hobby-world, there are three kinds of people:

1. People who want to paint, and even enjoy it, but don’t have the entire skill set to achieve their preconcieved goal. 312 more words

Tabletop Gaming

Journeyman League Week 8

Week 8 bonus point as described previously is to paint a full unit, 10 models for small bases, 6 for medium or 5 for large. If you have a 5 model medium based unit you want to paint you are aloud to paint a medium based solo for the 6th model. 92 more words


Journeyman League Week 7

“The bonus point for week 7 will test your speed and versatility as a player, to get the point you need to complete two 35pt games at club night, each with a different Warcaster/Warlock!” yeah that sucked – at the damn game club till after 11, good thing i didnt have a job interview the following day… oh wait. 172 more words


The Mid-Journeyman League Slump


I was going to try to avoid the slump this year.  I was energized to paint coming into March.  Then I met Skorne.

True to form at the end of our third week of Journeyman, I’ve entered the Mid-League Slump.   201 more words

Journeyman League

A Golden Rule for Gaming

As a Press Ganger, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to run a successful event. I feel that every time I organize a league, I get better at finding ways to improve the experience for the players. 410 more words


Journeyman League Week 6

Week 6 was a good week, faced Leslie who is becoming my regular legion opponent, and is currently sitting third in the league standings. He bought along pThags with an Archangel at 25  points. 143 more words


Journeyman League Week 5

This week saw the rather meager haul of 2 league points, and slipping to 10th place over all. Only played one league game at the club, and against one of the clubs best players. 119 more words