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A few poems for National Poetry Month

April is the month of crocuses, light jackets after an endless season of heavy coats, and poetry.

Poetry and I have a complicated relationship. It used to be my Thing, a long time ago. 178 more words

Poetry, Day 8

Today, I have chosen, with some difficulty, one of Joy Harjo‘s Poems.  This is an earlier one from her terrific 1983 collection, She Had Some Horses… 366 more words


Muse for a Moment

Prompt for today:

What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?
That’s what I’d like to know, what are we all doing in a place like this? 303 more words

"Watching Crow, Looking South toward the Manzanos Mountains" by Joy Harjo

crow floats in winter sun
a black sliver
in a white ocean of sky
crow is the horizon
drifting south of Albuquerque

the horizon dances… 56 more words

Bird Poems

She had Some Horses

“She had some horses” by Joy Harjo is a poem overflowing with symbolisms. Harjo’s personal connection to Native American heritage shows, especially, in this poem. The poem is about some of the internal and external struggles and experiences Native Americans have been through. 158 more words

I Give You Back

With everything I read, tone is the first aspect I notice. While I was reading “I Give You Back” by Joy Harjo, I imagined that Harjo wants the reader to read it in a sing-song way. 249 more words