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I Need a Project

*drums fingers impatiently*

I just finished a bunch of projects that were sitting on my to-do list for a very long time. Book (2 years). Done. 431 more words


The Story of Aidan Phoenix

Yesterday I lost one of my closest friends.  His name was Aidan Phoenix, and he was the inspiration behind the adorable ginger bastil of the same name in my book serial. 1,708 more words


Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/30/14

Do want to expand your life and your world today? Expanding your life and world doesn’t always call for grand gestures. Try something new. It doesn’t have to be anything big…you can try a new coffee, or a new fruit. 37 more words


The Macabre Way To Happiness ~ A List Of Ten Things

One time, and in relativity not a very long one, I suffered from clinical depression. To call it yucky, painful or horrifying really wouldn’t do it justice. 602 more words

Re: My ego's voice

Dearest Mommy,

My life has begun anew. Just now, I bumped into an ex of a former friend. We hugged. He asked about my girlfriend. I told him I had an ex. 294 more words

Chew Toy Theology

Perhaps you have had one of these dogs growing up, or perhaps you own one now, but isn’t it rather funny to see a dog chase after a toy, grab this said toy in his mouth, and proceed to ravage the toy shaking it back and forth in a motion you just know isn’t good for its neck? 694 more words


do you have this kind of courage? (daily hot! quote)

“One of the most difficult things you can do is to let yourself be happy.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com