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I saw people sitting on the grass, laughing at their dogs catching the Frisbee.

I saw two best friends drinking from the watter bottle in the middle of their tennis game break. 186 more words

Lyrics of One Liners

My dad never claimed to be a musician, but I can hear his singing voice, ringing at the strangest intervals throughout my day.  My dad was a master of song one liners.  221 more words


Happiness, a state of being

Generally, when a person says he is happy it means he is satisfied with his life. Most of the time, he experiences pleasant emotions such as delight, enthusiasm, joy, pleasure, or contentment while having a quite few unpleasant emotions. 292 more words


So, Time travel and the Speed of Life

Time goes by so fast.

Just a moment ago it was the beginning of a new year, we were desperately trying to remember to write in 2014 on everything and now spring is here. 624 more words

Precious Time - The Number of Our Days

With so many people facing difficult health issues and with such suffering around us, we must appreciate each moment of life that God gives us.  Life is a gift.  460 more words

Being God's Kind Of Person

Sharing your Gifts...

Each of us has been blessed with gifts and talents. What do you do with your gifting? Do you hide it away, or do you share it with the world? 212 more words

When Morning Gilds the Sky

My last post – A Conversation Overheard – was a bit of a downer. I didn’t mean for it to make anyone sad or to pity me. 464 more words