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Star-Spangled Banner

A very fun and absolutely amazing day of exploring Washington, D.C. I’m tired, and my feet hurt from all that walking. D.C. is definitely a very pedestrian-friendly city, and cyclists could be regularly seen. 280 more words


WHERE IS THE GOLDBEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

One of the favourite pet’s of the 60’s to 80’s children’s is Golden Beetle a insect which belongs to genus Sternocera,  which is unknown to the new generation. 171 more words


Seldom does anything bad come from dancing

Every so often my characters surprise me with their wisdom. I’ll be writing away, happily trying to convey some occurrence crucial to my plot, and one of them will interrupt the action with a remark that causes me to pause and wonder where that came from.



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Route 66

Spent most of the day driving through northeastern US, starting at 5 am on only 4 hours of sleep. The drive lasted for about 10 hours, so I’m exhausted. 168 more words



This weekend was the first weekend that I was able to call a “Romina” weekend. It has been almost two years since Ive had one, it has felt strange. 217 more words


Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sometimes things happen which are just happy happy joy joy things. Today such a thing happened. No, McNulty didn’t get run over by a truck. No, Fred Nile didn’t get discovered in a parliamentary closet wearing a gimp outfit buggering a goat. 287 more words

Monday Inspiration 9.1.14



I saw this quote online over a week ago but it came to light actually during church yesterday. I was singing on stage and this person in the audience made eye contact with me and my stomach sank. 726 more words