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Just what percentage of people need to become enlightened
In order to save the world?

By “enlightened” I mean someone who sees reality,
As well as herself, as part of that reality… 273 more words

You Can't Explain The Christian Life Upgrade - You Show It

Peace that passes all understanding.

Hope in the middle of all kinds of bad.

Love that can fix a terrible marriage.

The ability to forgive someone that the world says no way. 52 more words

Christian Living

Overcoming Birthday Blues

Today is my father’s birthday.  He would have been 84.  Of course, the fact that he was 83 when he died in March is no small miracle(!)  As a quadriplegic the last 25+ years  (15 as a bedfast quad), Papa’s doctors couldn’t believe it when he turned 70! 779 more words



A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Walter Winchell

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The reblogged post below which I've repeated here says it all. Thanks to Laura's Lens for a great reminder and a beautiful pic taken by her, also.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ~Walter Winchell

Prov 18v24

YouTube Video: "Love is a Beautiful Thing" by Al Green (click link for video).

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Hearts desire

This year has been one of the happiest and hardest years of my life. My dad passed in January was the saddest, most confusing frustrating and painful thing in my life. 456 more words


No perfect body

Your body is not someone else’s. It is not theirs to control,to mock, or to judge. Do not focus on being “skinny” or “toned” but instead being healthy. 65 more words


pantheon of pearls lay on grass green

light glinting unto them,transforming

their substance,a moment ago,fluid

now seem glassy orbs:fret not;lean

farther and see beyond the mundane: 66 more words