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The Prayer We Are Told Not To Pray

I am sure most of us have heard someone once or twice (or hundreds) of times telling us to never pray for patience because God will test you to make you more patient. 437 more words



Recently I visited my Mom, my Sister, my Brother, my Son and Daughter-in-Law, my Niece and Nephew and their family. I flew to Phoenix, Arizona during the Monsoon Season. 358 more words

God's Gift Of Grace

God Gives His Children a Song

Just came across this Alvin Slaughter song/video on YouTube…

Don't Let Me Forget.

God, it is You who made the heavens; the earth and all the beauty within it.
You are beautiful, and everything You created reflects Your beauty. 113 more words

God Is So Good

Joy in You

Morning Thought: Your Heavenly Father takes great joy in you. Yesterday, two of my daughters were performing in the school concert/play. I took great joy in seeing them, and it would not have been diminished if they had made a few mistakes. 31 more words

Morning Thought

Resonance Frequency

Welcome back to The Holistic Defender, once again Ia am your inexplicably optimistic, blogger host ARMENKA! Ahem. Excuse the caps, I just love today’s topic. And I’m also a bit frustrated. 223 more words

Random post : my random laughter

Once, in the 9th grade, I sat on a bench and laughed. During recess. I just laughed. I didn’t have a reason for laughing. Maybe a few funny movie scenes cane to mind, but I basically laughed to entertain myself. 70 more words