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“If we want to live a wholehearted life, we have to become intentional about cultivating rest and play, and we must work to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth.” ~ Brene Brown


Open arms

“A library should be like a pair of open arms.”Roger Rosenblatt

“So why on earth would you take an eight-month-old baby to a library?” my mother asked me, when I told her how Matt and I had spent the previous day with Grady.  126 more words

Not perfect

I’m not Perfect I made mistakes, I’ve lied, cried, fail got back up but the One and only person who is there to love and support and watch me get back up is an Amazing man he’s my best friend, role model the greatest love of them all I’m not perfect and he still loves me for that he’s seen me cry,hugs me and whipped my tears he gives me love respects and understanding he’s Amazing in every single way my Father is the greatest I them all I’m so glad I to have him In my life there were moment in my life I thought I was losing him those wore the worst days of my life every time I came home and he wasn’t home it felt empty like something was missing I can’t imagine life without him. 326 more words

Sitting Next to Me

On Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, I watched my team depart ahead of me to Bangladesh. The feelings of distress and fear settled within the pit of my stomach. 742 more words


I thrive

and this means: to prosper in any business; to have increase or success. Living a meaningful life is my business which I am running on my terms. 365 more words

Marie's Garden


Unfeigned and smooth, its streams brush his feet
and he tries to remember the joy of living.


His eyes, deep as the sky reflected upon the waters, 245 more words

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