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If I Knew Then What I Know Now..

… would I still major in Literature?  


I’ve almost completed my bachelor’s degree to the tune of a hefty sum of loan debt and now I’m stuck thinking to myself “what’s next?” Well… Rather, I’ve been asking myself… 256 more words

龍安寺Ryoan-ji Temple

龍安寺Ryoan-ji Temple is a Zen temple in northwest Kyoto most famous for its 枯山水方丈石庭karesansui houjou-sekitei, or dry landscape rock garden. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it may be the most outstanding surviving dry landscape rock garden; no wonder it’s a ユネスコの世界遺産「古都京都の文化財」”Historic Monument of Ancient Kyoto” UNESCO World Heritage Site. 191 more words

Bura-bura Kyoto

Trust fund set up for child injured in a stabbing in Vancouver

A trust fund has been set up for a 19-month-old girl who was injured in an alleged stabbing attack in Vancouver Monday morning.

The girl’s 63-year-old grandmother was killed in the attack believed to have been carried out by her 33-year-old son, the young girl’s uncle. 170 more words


Macarons at Cafe Joie

On a night out with friends, Mr. went to Cafe Joie on Sussex near Kingsway. I didn’t join them but Mr. was so sweet and bought me some macarons afterwards. 312 more words


Mental health a possible factor in Vancouver's third homicide

Watch: Police are investigating Vancouver’s third homicide of the year. John Daly has the latest details.

Mental health could have been a factor in the murder of a 63-year-old woman and subsequent police involved shooting in Vancouver yesterday morning. 241 more words


"Get your finger out of your butt" and other shit I never thought I'd say

As parents we laugh a lot because if we didn’t we’d cry and go batshit crazy.

Most days I have to stop and just laugh at the things I never thought I would be saying multiple times a day. 154 more words


Vancouver domestic dispute turns deadly

Investigators are at the scene near Kingsway Ave and Joyce St. in Vancouver after a police involved shooting earlier this morning.

Shortly after 10:30, police received a call about a small child crying, a man yelling, and blood on the walls in the hall of an apartment building. 211 more words