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Week 3 Response: Joyce

This week’s readings came from a variety of backgrounds—Chef Batali’s road to success, Sarah Ruhl’s contemplations on playwrighting, Robert Irwin’s work on light and space, letters written to a hesitant young poet—but each said things that were very relevant to the practice of art and to my investigation this week. 616 more words


Joyce, RunAround Chic Muse

Over the three day weekend I decided to walk around Fillmore Street searching for my next muse, I ran into her and her equally stylish son on the corner of Fillmore and California. 64 more words

RunAround Chic Muse

Week 1-2 Process: Joyce

Week 1:
Coming into the GISP, I had ideas about the mechanisms that I wanted to explore. However, after the proposal critique, my reasons for doing so and my goals for this GISP were brought into question. 565 more words

Project Documentation

March 10, 1985

Trip to New York.

During college spring break, Geri and I, decided to visit Bo in New York City. Bo was our pool manager and a fun one at that. 272 more words


Week 2 Response: Joyce

I think that from all of the readings we did this week, I got the most out of the article Woolfe’s Darkness: Embracing the Inexplicable… 791 more words


"The past is always tense, the future perfect"*...


Predicting the future of the English language is rather easy, in the short term.  The odds are, over the next few decades its New World dialects are going to gain increasing global dominance, accelerating the demise of thousands of less fortunate languages but at long last allowing a single advertisement to reach everybody in the world. 

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