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  “Joyland” კანადური პროექტის მეორე ალბომია, რომელზეც რობერტ ალფონსმა ამჯერად მაია პოსტეპსკის (Austra) გარეშე იმუშავა. წარმატებული სადებიუტო ალბომის-„TRST-ის“- შემდეგ ალფონსმა მსმენელთა მოლოდინი გაამართლა. თუმცა “ჯოილენდი” თითქმის დაცლილია გოთიკური, ბნელი ატმოსფერული ჟღერადობისგან, უფრო მსუბუქია და მარტივი. 65 more words


A Sentimental Coming of Age Story

Cleverly disguised as an amateur detective yarn melded with a ghost story, Joyland is actually a sentimental coming of age novel with an ending that could make a hard boiled mystery fan cry. 427 more words


Lou Rera Shares His Thoughts on Stephen King's 'Joyland' (Review)

Written by: Lou Rera 

Stephen King is often at his best when true evil turns out to be just another human gone off the tracks. In Joyland, the mystery involves a murderous ride through a haunted house attraction as the protagonist, Devin Jones tries to solve the “whodunit.” 217 more words


Stephen King, Joyland

Tra i libri di King letti finora è quello che ho trovato più lineare e prevedibile. Si legge piacevolmente perché la scrittura è scorrevole, ma tutto quello che succede mi è sembrato piuttosto scontato. 92 more words

Anna LittleMax Massimino

Stephen King's "Joyland"

“Joyland” is a surprisingly average novel by an otherwise amazing novelist.  Its ghost story is actually pretty scary, but it occupies so little of the book that it seems like a brief subplot.  80 more words

Joyland by Stephen King - REVIEW

The story of Joyland is set in 1973. Devin Jones (a university student) takes a summer job at Joyland, an amusement park in North Carolina. After finishing his interview at the amusement park he has a conversation with the park’s fortuneteller. 310 more words

Track Talk - Tracks I'm listening to - Shoom - Trust

Well my ambition of making ‘track talk’ a weekly thing went completely down the pissoir. When was the last one… August? Ah well. With irregularity I’ll continue. 185 more words