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Why do people fall in love?

I never asked myself this question until my heart was broken.

Why do people fall in love? Why do they want to feel that unbearable, intoxicating feeling that never goes away? 228 more words

Log On To Love

Hey there, yeah you!, would you care to see, the person inside this framework that’s me,
Or would you prefer that Adonis guy, the chiseled iron-man features with a motorized fly, 143 more words


When words get in the way...

Sometimes I spend lots of time… reading and writing and thinking…

And sometimes that takes me further away from where I need to be…

Sometimes… 31 more words

Random Ramblings

Dancing down the road of creations blessings

Dropping baggage  ….. Let’s us travel this Earth journey lightly …. frees us so we can Dance Joyously down the Magical Road of Creations Blessings … 30 more words

A Beautiful Love Story

This video is SO beautiful. I don’t want to describe it as I don’t feel I have the right words- just trust me and watch! And keep some tissues handy!! 17 more words


Getting past the mental war on "Workingout"," Exercising", and "Get out and get Active" ...whatever that means.

I walked swiftly down the road to the “box”. Tears in my eyes, my anxiety through the roof as i kept chanting to myself, its ok its ok its ok.   959 more words