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What's Your Image Style?

What is your image style when you are processing your photos? If you give a RAW image to ten people, and have them process them, you would have ten different pictures. 631 more words

RAW vs JPEG vs RAW+JPEG: Why you should rethink what you capture.

It can be hard to choose which type of picture to take on your camera. Most people are used to and comfortable with JPEG, they’re small and already processed, just upload them to the net and you’re good to go. 926 more words


Week Two- Class Notes


Over/Under Exposure

Under exposure occurs when light well don’t have enough light to report any information. On the contrary, over exposure occurs when the light wells over flow. 111 more words

Class Notes


File format is one of the most overlooked aspects of digital photography. On most cameras, the default factory setting for file formats is JPEG. If you look further into the camera’s shooting menus you might find that you have the choice to shoot in something called RAW.

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บีบภาพ JPEG ให้เล็กลงไปอีก ด้วย mozjpeg เวอร์ชัน 2.0.1

Mozilla มีโครงการ mozjpeg เป็น library ช่วยบีบไฟล์ JPEG ให้เล็กลงไปอีก ตอนนี้มาถึงเวอร์ชัน 2.0.1 แล้ว เคยทดลองใช้ Zopfli บีบภาพ PNG มาแล้ว คราวนี้ลองตัวนี้บ้างครับ

sudo yum install nasm
wget https://github.com/mozilla/mozjpeg/archive/v2.0.1.tar.gz
tar -xzvf v2.0.1.tar.gz
cd mozjpeg-2.0.1
autoreconf -fiv
sh ./configure
sudo make install prefix=/usr/local libdir=/usr/local/lib64
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Mozilla Launches mozjpeg image encoder 2.0 with significant improvements

Looking for the right balance for JPEG images of sufficient quality to maintain with the lowest file size possible for it to be published through the web without a negative impact on page load, Mozilla has just announced the launch version 2.0 of its encoder mozjpeg images to JPEG files. 287 more words