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Big banks lend to corporations over consumers

Lending was up in the first quarter, but that jump has hidden the fact that individuals are still having a tough time getting loans.

FORTUNE — Consumers are still getting crunched. 506 more words

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Morgan Stanley's unlikely rebound continues

CEO James Gorman proves that there are, in fact, second acts on Wall Street.

FORTUNE — James Gorman appears to have found Wall Street’s secret sauce. 413 more words

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What exactly did bank CEOs earn in 2013?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon got either a 74% raise or a 37% pay cut, depending on the source. In fact, neither stat correctly reports his 2013 take-home pay.  761 more words

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Dismal Week for U.S. Stocks

Stocks continued to drop Friday after a weeklong slide that saw investors reassessing some of the market’s strongest recent performers, including tech stocks like Google and Amazon. 174 more words

JPMorgan loses money every time it makes a mortgage

That’s bad news for the housing market and the economy in general.

FORTUNE — If you are wondering why you can’t get a mortgage, here’s an answer: Every time JPMorgan Chase makes a home loan, it loses money, $1,500 on average. 634 more words

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JPMorgan's results don't bode well for Citigroup

If you thought JPMorgan’s earnings were rough, brace yourself for Citigroup’s first-quarter results, which are due Monday.

Released today, JPMorgan’s results (as well as… 238 more words

As promised, JPMorgan delivered an ugly set of trading results

The numbers: Ouch! JPMorgan Chase rarely disappoints analysts, but its latest quarterly results managed to miss expectations that were already low to begin with. CEO Jamie Dimon… 149 more words