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Japanese idol groups: J-pop group ‘Happening Girls’ will date fans, Ryujin Kiyoshi 25 are married

Japanese pop music stars usually forbid idols from being in a relationship. One idol was even sued recently simply because she was dating someone. However, t…

Namie Amuro - BRIGHTER DAY

Namie Amuro – Brighter Day
“BRIGHTER DAY” es el single 42 publicado por Amuro Namie. “BRIGHTER DAY” fue utilizado como tema para el dorama de FUJI TV First Class. 921 more words


EXILE ATSUSHI - Precious Love

EXILE ATSUSHI – Precious Love
“Precious Love” single publicado por EXILE ATSUSHI

Atsushi – Precious Love
Lyrics: Atsushi
Español: Ivaan

De regreso a casa camine contigo… 469 more words


Yuki Furukawa Q&A at JPOP Summit Festival July 20th 2014

Yuki Furukawa was a guest at the JPOP Summit Festival and the short film he stared in premiered at the Japanese Film festival of San Francisco (http://jffsf….

Jpop Time Traveller: 2004 Soloist Special

Today we’re travelling back to 2004 to check out what these famous solo artists are upto!

Matsuura Aya: Watarasebashi

Matsuura Aya’s cover of Chisato Moritaka’s song “Watarasebashi” has to be one of my favorite J-ballads. 134 more words


Kaela Kimura – TODAY IS A NEW DAY

Kaela Kimura – TODAY IS A NEW DAY
“TODAY IS A NEW DAY” es el single 21th publicado por Kimura Kaela.

Kaela Kimura – TODAY IS A NEW DAY… 505 more words