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Japan Expo: 2nd Impact 2014 @ San Mateo Event Center

The Ramen crew attended the anime convention imported from France, Japan Expo at this past weekend’s San Mateo Event Center.  The Ramen team of Eddie, Ramon and Jonelle roam the floors and stages to soak-in the event.


Song Of The Day - Shun Pu

Shun Pu is a song performed by the Japanese singer and voice actress Toyosaki Aki. Aki chan’s voice is so kawaii in this song!
For reasons unknown, I haven’t been able to find the official music video. 129 more words

Mamma Mia - Kara

Kara is finally back after a round a year absence from the Korean stage. This time, they made their comeback with only 4 members with a drastic line-up change. 692 more words


Hatsune Miku- World is Mine

Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I know this is not a real person. This is one of the first songs I heard from Hatsune Miku. 11 more words


Leisurely Mondays with a Good Vibe: News- Nantoka Narusa

I am temporarily out of the blogging loop due to real life..while Yeona has been meticulously minding the store. Thanks, Yeona.

NEWS is a boysband working under Johnny’s Entertainment…Well…I’m not too keen on boysbands overall..but this song here is so contagiously positive that I can’t help myself. 296 more words

Song Of The Day - 紅月 ( Akatsuki)

If you are a fan of heavy music, chances are you’ve come across BabyMetal , the uh..pioneers of Kawaii Metal.

You may love them or you may hate them, but you definitely cannot deny the originality behind the group. 96 more words

The Reasons why I started loving Japanese music

My first experience with Japanese music came when a friend of mine suggested an anime – K-On!! (Light music). It’s basically a show about a few girls who form a light music club, and spend their club hours slacking off. 239 more words