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Kalafina - Heavenly Blue


  1. Heavenly Blue
  2. Heavenly Blue ~Instrumental~
  3. Heavenly Blue ~TV size~


I am a mite disappointed with Kalafina’s latest song Heavenly Blue. It starts off well, with a brief choral opening, reminiscent of a church. 211 more words

Single Review

So, Just How Japanese is the USA These Days?

All around Asian culture fan and writer for among other publications the Guardian, Animerica (much missed) and Otaku USA, Patrick Macias wonders if the US realizes just how Japanese its pop culture is becoming: 195 more words


Low quality photo of their card. Wish I had taken a photo during their performance.

I was wandering around the Jpop Summit Festial on Sunday, when I saw this duo on the Discovery Stage. 450 more words

Crystal Kay Get's Dum in BTS Footage For Comeback

Oh. My God. GIRL, DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A BREAK IS? Seriously, three comebacks this year. THREE! This time, it’s a Japanese comeback, titled, “ 100 more words


Girls' Generation - Time Machine

TaeYeon | Jessica | Sunny | Tiffany | HyoYeon | Yuri | SooYoung | Yoona | Seohyun

itsumoyori sukoshi hiroi heya tada hitori
It’s over, guess it’s over… 212 more words


How I came to love Asian pop music

In lieu of a specific review today, I thought I’d use this Music Monday to answer a question I get a lot: How did I, a caucasian American girl from the Southeast come to love Asian pop music?


Tomohisa Sako - Shounen to Robot

Tomohisa Sako – Shounen to Robot
“Shounen to Robot” es el single 9th publicado por Sako Tomohisa.

Tomohisa Sako – Shounen to Robot
Lyrics & Music:Tomohisa Sako… 690 more words