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Add Panel Dynamically

In compliance with DRY principle, jQuery Mobile 1.4 offers external toolbars, panels and popups to be accessed from any page. Unlike successor versions, each page should contain its’ own toolbars, panels and popups. 378 more words

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With Binding Magic! Writing Single Page Application with JQuery Mobile and Knockoutjs

Greetings! Its nice to have yet another post regarding knockoutjs. Today i am going to define how we can create Single Page Application using… 2,799 more words


BRACU Firefox Club App training Day 4

At 5:00 pm 18th March 2014 in BRAC University BRACU FX club organized its 4th day of app training session. This session was taken by honorable club lead S-Muhammad Mohi –us sunnat and Didarul islam. 300 more words

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jQuery Mobile "Page" Events - What, Why, Where, When & How? (Updated)

Happy news: jQuery Mobile team is sparing a surprise for us on jQM 1.4.3 release! (Link)

We all know that jQuery-Core requires .ready() 1,277 more words

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Fixing jQuery Mobile headers in a Worklight app on iOS 7

One of the fun bits (depending on your inclination) of working cross-platform is discovering and mitigating the nuanced differences as you try your app on different devices. 512 more words


9 Chrome Plugins to help you debug your web apps and GSD

I’m personally obsessed with GSD (getting stuff done) and find the following (free) developer tools to be invaluable in this regard. Check ‘em out, and if you have any other suggestions, please list them in the comments! 430 more words

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Custom Page Transitions (Part 2)

In Part 1 we used the Animate.css library of CSS animations as transitions for jQuery Mobile (jQM) pages, popups, and dialogs.  In Part 2, we will write our own KeyFrame animation CSS in order to have a unique/one-of-a-kind transition. 1,210 more words

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