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Back button handler in jQuery Mobile & PhoneGap

var pageHistoryCount = 0;
var goingBack = false;

$(document).bind("pageshow", function(e, data) {
    if (goingBack) {
        goingBack = false;
    } else {
        console.log("Showing page #"+pageHistoryCount);

function exitApp() {
    console.log("Exiting app");

function onPressBack(e) {
    if(pageHistoryCount > 0) pageHistoryCount--;
    if (pageHistoryCount == 0) {

        navigator.notification.confirm("Are you sure you want to quit?", function(result){
            if(result == 2){
        }, 'Quit My App', 'Cancel,Ok');
    } else {
        goingBack = true;
        console.log("Going back to page #"+pageHistoryCount);

function deviceready() {
    $(document).bind('backbutton', onPressBack);
$(document).bind('deviceready', deviceready);

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