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The Meaning of Words

I am writing in English and you understand me perfectly well. We share a grammar and, thanks to the internet, an ever-growing vocabulary.

I am writing a new JavaScript program and the computer does not understand the words lodash, jquery or angular. 66 more words


Clientside Validation

Click to Read: This module adds clientside validation (aka “Ajax form validation”) for all forms and webforms usingjquery.validate. The included jquery.validate.js file is patched because we needed to be able to hide empty messages.


jQuery- Using pulgins

In my jQuery journey so far, I have learned about how to extend functionality of the jQuery library by the addition of plugins. This area covers Grabbing plugins, Writing plugins, Enabling chains, Protecting the alias, Passing parameters, Visting each element, Providing options and Plugging-in dialogs. 30 more words


Membuat aplikasi upload multiple file dengan Jquery

Latar Belakang

Jika user ingin mengupload beberapa file sekaligus, maka web programmer harus mencari jquery plugin untuk upload multiple file. salah satu referensi saya adalah yang dibuat oleh Ravishanker Kusuma. 169 more words


Bootstrap Datepicker

Hey….. today we will see how to add Datepicker in our application.
For this we will use datepicker3.css, jquery-1.11.0.min.js and bootstrap-datepicker.js
You can download it from my Github account – … 150 more words


11/24 Review

Busy and productive day yesterday.

Had a stand-up and then a quick review of some of the code to get everyone on the same page.  The code review helped the team figure how the method to sanitizing and validating the data. 265 more words