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Eclipse: A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment

If you get this error when running elcipse then it could be that the webkit access from within eclipse is crashing the program

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: 145 more words

JRE School of Management conducting GD-PI in Kolkata

JRE School of Management, Greater Noida is one of the premier B-School in India. The B-School provides a truly global experience through academic partnership with… 353 more words


JDK 7u80 Early Access Release

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These early access release downloads of the JRE and JDK are based on code available on OpenJDK at the time they were built and might not include the latest security patches. 40 more words


Common JDK , JVM, JRE related questions

  • What do you mean by platform independence of Java?

    Platform independence means that you can run the same Java Program in any Operating System. For example, you can write java program in Windows and run it in Mac OS.

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Find Java JRE location on Ubuntu Linux

Everybody knows that the java executable is located in /usr/bin/java , but what if you need the JDK / JRE location itself?

Just using “whereis” will not get you there, that will point you to the /usr/bin/java point. 108 more words


Working with JNI on MAC OSX platform

 In this post, I will discuss about the Java Native Interface(JNI) and Java Virtual Machine(JVM) on Mac OSX.

JNI stands for ‘Java Native Interface’. It will act as an interface between java and other languages.  1,347 more words

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