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Fairy Fencer F - Game Review

Compile Heart is known for publishing pretty awful games (I call them devs and such throughout this, just deal with it you know what I meant), most notably the Neptunia series which oddly has managed to maintain a small following (even within the already extremely tiny jrpg niche) albeit being a terrible franchise filled with clunky combat, fanfiction level writing, and the most abysmally generic and vapid characters imaginable simply designed to pander. 2,066 more words


Random Game #1 - Final Fantasy Chronicles [PlayStation]

When you have a video game collection like mine, it can be hard to play all of the games. This is especially true when additions are made on an almost weekly basis. 176 more words

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Phantasy Star III (Sega Genesis, Sega, 1990)

There are some video games that are known as black sheep. They have reputations for being unfairly hated on and that they were simply not given the proper time of day back in their release. 10,722 more words


Week 6 of Tales of Hearts R

Hello and welcome back to another exciting entry in my Tales of Hearts R JPN version playthrough! When we last left off, we had kicked some sand worm ass on our way through the desert. 938 more words


Super Mario RPG is a Freaking Masterpiece

Imagine being a Nintendo executive during the early 90s. Your poster-child Mario is sweeping the world by storm; everyone in the civilized world recognizes the moustachioed plumber. 520 more words

SaGa Frontier Review: The Final Frontier

By RockLobster

Around the same time that an epic role-playing game was released on Sony’s first Playstation video gaming console, Final Fantasy VII, another game of the same genre was released. 869 more words

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Game On: Tales of Hearts R (Part 2)

Chris dives into the newest game in his favorite series: Tales of Hearts R. This is a change of pace for us — the series will include longer videos on the weekend, usually around an hour apiece. 55 more words

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