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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC

As the game came out recently on Steam(Fucking finally, XSEED. I thought we might have to wait forever, but thank you), I thought it’d be a perfect time to actually finish this article, get people into the game and all. 1,004 more words


Dragon Fin Soup roguelike JRPG adds another mode of challenges

Roguelike Japanese role-playing game hybrid Dragon Fin Soup will include an #EndlessLabyrinth mode designed to push players’ skills and patience to the limits, developer Grimm Bros… 185 more words

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Pokémon on 3DS and Whether We Need A Console Version

This may as well be a Late to the Party post for Pokémon X, but just as I started the game I saw another discussion come up about the possibility of a mainline… 929 more words


The Legend Of Heroes: Trials In The Sky - Short Review

The Legend of Heroes: Trials In The Sky has made it’s way on to the PC for the very first time. It was originally on the PSP. 442 more words


Let’s Play Tales of Xillia, Part 3: Duty, duty, duty

When we last left off, our 15-year-old shounen hero had become a fugitive.

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PSTS Let's Play Xenoblade: Episode 61 - This Many Events

If you thought an out-of-nowhere betrayal was the end of this cutscene series, brace yourself for surprise, because there’s also a surprise bad guy, several (?) other Monados, a revelation about the origin of the Bionis, a heartfelt goodbye… and so much more.

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Gotta Play Them All!!

Helllloooo Nakamas! I think to tell why I been so busy. For past few weeks I been working on my LTTP section of the blog.  You may not know this but I am a huge gamer(I love RPGs!!!!!!!!).   94 more words