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Review – Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth1

Released in 2010 in Japan (2011 in the West), the very first Hyperdimension Neptune was objectively not a «good» RPG. Terrible exploration, repetitive combat, abusive DLC, sub-par graphics, the cons were pretty clear and no one missed them. 647 more words


Suikoden's rock, paper, scissors take on war

All right, I know I teased you last time I covered Suikoden about forthcoming elves and kobolds, so let’s get right to it–I met some elves and kobolds. 952 more words


Let's Play Arcade Bonus Round

Tired of eagerly anticipating every new episode of Let’s Play Arcade every week? We are happy to announce what we like to call the “Bonus Round”. 83 more words

Test - Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth1

Sorti en 2010 au Japon (2011 chez nous), le tout premier Hyperdimension Neptune n’était objectivement pas un “bon” RPG. Exploration poussive, combats répétitifs, DLC souvent abusifs, réalisation au minimum syndical, les défauts étaient flagrants et d’ailleurs personne ne les a loupés. 791 more words


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review

In light of its sequel’s announcement the original version of this PSP RPG comes to the US with some major updates.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Review

Taking a look into the sequel to Golden Sun after being released onto the Wii U virtual console a few weeks ago… this is easily a 2 part story so you should play both!


Group Project: JRPG, Manga, Anime

Group members

Alex Belle

James Ayre

Pakkapon Potranandana

So our idea is to look at manga, anime, jrpg and compare it to Western comics and rpg. 136 more words