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Japan Self-Defense Force and the Japanese Constitution


It occurs to me that despite having the words ‘culture, politics, misc.’ confidently bannering my site, I’ve yet to deliver on any political commentary. 266 more words


Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on BS Nittere TV

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga appeared today in Shinso News program on BS Nittere. He talked about the right to exercise collective self-defense and abenomics. 851 more words


Japan Lifts Military Ban: A return to its pre-war power?

Note: This post was written quickly and published with minimal edits because I really wanted to comment on this situation. All written material is subject to change as I continue to follow the discourse surrounding these events. 702 more words


Japan and Collective Self-Defence

Japan’s cabinet has approved a reinterpretation of its constitutional restrictions on its use of armed force.  The new interpretation has cleared the way – pending parliamentary ratification – for collective self-defence, the use of force to defend not only Japan but its allies. 911 more words


Japan upholding the "path of peaceful development"? China's complimentary criticism of Abe's collective self-defense

On Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that his cabinet had passed a new resolution on the interpretation of Article 9 of the post-war constitution, such that the Self-Defense Forces can now be used to defend Japan’s allies. 1,450 more words

State Media

Japan's Regional Gambit

The reinterpretation of Article 9 within the Japanese Constitution creates tensions both at home and abroad.

By Scott Shaw

As tensions continue to grow in Southeast Asia over the South and East China Sea disputes, Japan is attempting to assert its military power in the region. 1,306 more words