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Japanese constitution nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize has an unprecedented nomination: the Ninth Article of the Japanese constitution. The Ninth Article renounces the right to engage in war or to maintain a military. 519 more words


More JSDF recruitment posters get a moe makeover in Ibaraki

It would seem that marketing in Japan is a far cry from the complicated psychological manipulation employed by the ad geniuses of Mad Men. Things, it would seem, are a lot simpler than that for advertising and promotions executives at Japanese firms, ever since someone came upon the brilliant idea of using cutesy anime girls to promote damn near everything. 344 more words


Japan Self Defense Forces hoping to entice new recruits with... dancing avatar smartphone app

In our modern world, with the sometimes questionable motives of our political leaders and the abundance of often conflicting information available online, it’s perhaps not surprising that countries’ armed forces have a hard time finding new recruits. 560 more words


Japan Self-Defense Forces get a fan club, for some reason

The Japan Self-Defense Forces, or JSDF for short, are basically the Japanese military and includes naval, infantry, and aerial branches. Though the Japanese constitution officially forbids the JSDF from acting aggressively and sees them rather as an “ 327 more words


Japan to change laws, empower military with more defensive options

Japan has the only non-military military; calling their forces the “Japan Self Defense Forces,” but constitutionally-bound to only defend itself…and even that is limited.  SCAP, the Supreme Commander of Allied Powers, originally drew up a constitution that severely restricted the Japanese; however, after the outbreak of the Korean War and the (fearful) spread of Communism, the United States changed their position on Japan and attempted to strengthen its military ability through the 1952 San Francisco Treaty.   170 more words

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Morale Booster: Japan Self-Defense Forces 2014 calendar

I was disappointing to discover that actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces aren’t featured in this calendar, but bikini models and pop sex-symbols from the civilian world. 127 more words

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Japan Self-Defense Forces show off their feminine side with 2014 calendar

Images of the 2014 Japan Self-Defense Forces calendar depicting beautiful women in uniform have been popping up on portal sites around Japan. The calendars were created to raise awareness of the JSDF and to “lift morale.” However, with this year’s choice to use, not actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, but bikini model Azusa Yamamoto, among others, we have a feeling this calendar will be lifting a lot more than morale.