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Frontend vs Backend

Después de un largo periodo sin escribir debido a: estudios, búsqueda de empleo y acondicionamiento a un nuevo puesto de trabajo, vuelvo a la vida del bloger activo. 1,023 more words


A Regular Catastrophy

Because of some modernization of our features, we found a very nasty bug in the processing of the raw features. So far, this is not surprising, since we all know that bugs love to live in software. 224 more words

Simplifying NSJSONSerialization in Swift

While writing a pet project app in Swift I put together this convenience function that simplifies converting an NSData into JSON objects via the NSJSONSerialization… 31 more words


Parsing JSON Array in Postgres - PL/pgSQL - FOREACH expression must yield an array, not type text

I was trying to write a simple function to parse a JSON object in Postgres function. Basic JSON parsing was easy, but when trying to loop through the array of items,  I got stuck on this error… 364 more words

Sumit Chawla

My day hacking Google QPX Express airfare API

 When my classmate and I previously attempted to use the Google Feed API for our group project, I have realized that Google documentation is not great for “beginners,” in our case inexperienced developers. 550 more words

Web Dev

Custom conversions of XML to JSON in XSLT

There are already several resources online devoted to converting XML to JSON with XSLT. Unfortunately, most of these resources describe only how to generate a quick JSON view closely resembling the original XML. 4,764 more words