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The Good and Bad part of JSON

JSON stands for the javascript object notation which is light weighted which is designed for the human readable data interchange format. The JSON filename extension is .json. 120 more words

Web Services

JSON# - Tutorial #1: Returning Embedded-Objects

Download the code on Github

I’ve previously blogged about the premise behind JSON#. For a full explanation of the theory behind the code, check out… 620 more words


Alternative to SOAP

Though SOAP is considered as standard protocol for web service communication, it is not only the possible transport protocol which is used. There are few drawbacks associating with SOAP messaging. 104 more words

Introduction To Web Services

JSON for Linked Data

JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linking Data) is a lightweight Linked Data format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. 81 more words


Processing XML and JSON in Hadoop using PDI

Hadoop can efficiently process large amounts of data by splitting large files into smaller chunks (typically 128 MB) and process each chunk in parallel.  The “splittability” of a file is central to the efficient handling of the file by MapReduce. 783 more words

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