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Retrofit - Converter TimeInMillis para Date

Para evitar o erro durante o parse do retrofit quando recebe data você adicionar a seguinte configuração:

GsonBuilder builder = new GsonBuilder();

        new JsonDeserializer<Date>() {
          public Date deserialize(JsonElement json, Type type, JsonDeserializationContext context) throws JsonParseException {
            return new Date(json.getAsJsonPrimitive().getAsLong());

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Parameter manager in Family file

As mentioned in previous post, the Parameter manager tool works also in family file. Similar to functionality in project file, tool enables user to manage a several parameter properties at once. 52 more words

What is the Json ?


I am the huge fan of Ajax. I want to do maximum task in client side only using Ajax and Jquery. If you have to do maximum task using ajax then you have to expose the data as JSON format  from Server. 129 more words


The Asynchronous WebSocket/Comet Framework

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The Atmosphere Framework contains client and server side components for building Asynchronous Web Applications. The majority of popular frameworks are either supporting Atmosphere or supported natively by the framework. 9 more words


Introduction to Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory
A managed service for orchestrating and managing diverse data, especially in hybrid environments where some data sources reside in the cloud and others are on-premise. 1,803 more words


Tip to create JSON string.

If you are going to create a JSON string dynamically then this TIP may be helpful for you. In this i have convert a JavaScript array into JSON string by two ways. 185 more words