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Cross-Domain Requests in GWT with JSONP

GWT RPC is built upon AJAX requests and thus is subject to the Same-Origin Policy. However, it is really easy in GWT (as well as in other JavaScript applications) to circumvent this policy using a method called JSON-with-padding ( 305 more words


Error: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

I was trying to make an AJAX Post to another domain http://freegeoip.net/ to get Geo Location and therefore the browser would not allow me to proceed due to cross-domains. 258 more words

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Too lazy to workout? Get a social incentive with Arduino Yun and Temboo

Usually I don’t do a lot of workout so I decided to do a little project with the Arduino Yun in order to give me more motivation. 4,221 more words


Using JSONP with JAX-RS

JSONP is a format used to work around the same origin policy. As the name implies it is a modification on the JSON format. Instead of returning a JSON object like so… 690 more words


Choosing CORS over JSONP over Inline... and Lessons Learned Using CORS

I recently created a very simple client-only (no server-side code) that loads needed data dynamically. In order to access data from another storage location (in my case the data came from a Windows Azure Blob), the application needed to make a choice: how to load the data. 1,104 more words


Access cross-domain data with AJAX using JSONP, JQuery

My JQuery skills are a bit non existent so you can expect quite a bit of stuff about it.  I’ve run into the

XMLHttpRequest cannot load  ….  82 more words