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Webpage development in Java using Spring MVC, JSTL, Javascript and JQuery

How this website is structured in development:

1.) VIEW format – This is the front page view as shown in the browser. components: HTML and CSS for page layout, Spring MVC tags and JSTL for JSP for Java integration to Controller side. 93 more words


Casting interface to its concrete implementation object or vice versa?

I was reading about interfaces. As per the following example interface object is being cast to its concrete implementation and vice versa.

That is, assuming you have public interface Animal and two implementations of this interface, Cat and Dog…. 50 more words

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JSP Implicit Objects

JSP Implicit Objects are as follows:

  1. request implicit object

    The JSP implicit request object is an instance of a java class that implements the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest interface.

  2. 394 more words

JSP include directive Vs JSP include action

<%@ include file=”filename” %> is the JSP include directive.
At JSP page translation time, the content of the file given in the include directive is ‘pasted’ as it is, in the place where the JSP include directive is used. 283 more words

forward Vs sendRedirect


Control can be forward to resources available within the server from where the call is made. This transfer of control is done by the container internally and browser / client is not involved. 169 more words

JSP Life Cycle

JSP’s life cycle can be grouped into following phases.

1. JSP Page Translation:

A java servlet file is generated from the JSP source file. This is the first step in its tedious multiple phase life cycle. 279 more words

Image store and retrieval through jdbc,jsp,servlet

I am new to java programming.I need help in inserting and retreiving images to oracle 10g database with step by step explanation.Kindly help.

1- Oracle 10g database table… 38 more words

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