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Accessing a database from JSP(Java Server Page)

The following code are used to connect and to interact with the database
java.sql.Connection connection = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:odbc:datasource“);
java.sql.Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
java.sql.ResultSet columns = statement.executeQuery(“ 125 more words


Integration of Coldfusion with Java – Coldfusion and Servlets.

In my previous article , I explained about Coldfusion and JSP (accessing JSP from Coldfusion pages).

Here we will know more about working with Coldfusion and Servlets. 757 more words


How to use an ext Liferay taglib with an Hook

Maybe you can’t hear the word “Liferay” without a little fear.

Technically, Liferay  is a powerful and very complex Java Web Application, or better, it’s a portlet container where each… 544 more words


Difference between EAR and WAR files

Difference between EAR and WAR files

*.war file – this file is a composition of servlet class files. This package is HTTP request/response capable, can be accessed by a URL and can return a page. 139 more words


How to create a java class?

  • Using Eclipse

In the Package Explorer view, select the JUnit project. Click the New Java Package button in the toolbar, or select New > Package from the project’s context menu . 60 more words


Eclipse JSP Editor Example

Eclipse JSP Editor Example

In this example, we will learn to use the JSP Editor available through the Web Tools Platform (WTP) within Eclipse.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) 85 more words


Get source line offset of exception causes in JSP files

Sometimes I still have to develop with JSP (Java Server Pages). One very annoying thing is, that the source line number in the Exception differs from your JSP file since comments and includes cause your source to placed on a different line in the Java source that is compiled to the servlet. 86 more words