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Still ill

Still Ill
A few weeks ago I made a big deal about having this cough that had been making work hard and was generally annoying me. 1,418 more words

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Beginners mind... being a white belt...

Being a white belt…

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities.
In the expert’s mind there are few.” (Shunryu Suzuki – Zen Buddhist Monk) 483 more words

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Robin Williams's Final Gift

I’m glad the world had received a wake up call that Depression can effect anyone, though it is shameful it takes the death of a man… 168 more words

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Undangan Rakernas Institut Jujitsu Indonesia

Sehubungan dengan akan dilaksanakannya Rapat Kerja Nasional Institut Jujitsu Indonesia (IJI) yang merupakan amanah dari AD/ART IJI maka disampaikan kepada seluruh jajaran Pengurus Provinsi dan Pengurus Kabupaten/Kota Institut Jujitsu Indonesia (IJI) agar dapat menghadiri acara tersebut yang akan dilaksanakan pada: 34 more words

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Kano Paradox - art vs sport ?

Which approach in martial arts prepares us for self-defence – traditional or sport?
This question often causes a lot of debate with traditional martial artists explaining that life threatening techniques are more useful in real life situations due to their dangerous nature. 1,241 more words


Congratulation Mr. Ezra Scott

Mr Scott, while continuing to train and teach as the Chief Instructor and Nidan of James McLain’s Kosho School of Karate, has also been training Ju Jitsu with Mr. 52 more words


CBD Self Defence

My corporate work recently moved office from North Sydney to the CBD of Sydney. While it is great to be back among the masses (tongue firmly in cheek) I have witnessed a few instances that have made me reflect on CBD Self Defence skills: 287 more words

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