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Reach For The Sky

If You focus on results you will never change If you focus on change you will get results. Long-term health & strength require an investment in your body that might not pay noticeable dividends for weeks or months. 120 more words

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Friday Thinker - Mentoring

“Teaching is its own reward” is a saying that resonates with me. One of the most satisfying occurences is when a student gives you unsolicited praise after a class. 150 more words

Martial Arts Sydney

Replace one source of stress with another.

No one likes appraisal’s
Fuckin’ appraisals. The fine art of making excuses for why my performance is not what they expect. It didn’t go off to a good start when one of the managers took offence to the way I had worded one of my answers. 1,716 more words

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I have a black....... toe

So how did I do?
I passed! It was a low pass but a pass none the less. Basically there are 3 levels of pass – ‘Honours’, ‘Merit’ and ‘Pass’. 935 more words

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Too stressed...

This time next week, I will being in Liverpool to do my black belt grading and I am convinced of my failure. I had to listen to my Sensei and Dad tell me “I’ll be fine” and thinking… 349 more words

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Don't Forget to K.I.S.S. it

It is important to remember to “Keep it simple, stupid!” Some self defense techniques only require simple moves to receive an effective result. I recently stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Warrior Combatives Academy, an academy that teaches a combination of  ju-jitsu and street self-defense techniques. 264 more words

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