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Song by Juan Ramon Jimenez

Above the bird sings
and below the water sings.
Above and below
my soul is opening.

The bird shakes the star
and water rocks the flower. 11 more words


Nocturne by Juan Ramon Jimenez

. . .The ship, slow and swift at once, conquers the water
but not the sky.
The blue remains behind, opening into living silver,
and once more is in front. 66 more words


Juan Ramon Jimenez on sleep

Sleep is like a bridge
that stretches from today to tomorrow.
Underneath, like a dream,
water flows.

translated by Dennis Maloney


With the Roses by Juan Ramon Jimenez

No, this pleasant afternoon
I cannot stay inside;
this free afternoon
I must go out in the air.

Into the laughing air
opening through the trees, 28 more words


To Beloved Old Age by Juan Ramon Jimenez

If only your memory
of me were this blue May
sky, completely filled with
the pure stars of my acts!

If my acts were identical, like them: all pure, 28 more words


Life by Juan Ramon Jimenez

What I used to regard as a glory shut in my face,
was a door, opening
toward this clarity:
. . . . . . .Country without a name: 22 more words


“An April sky, beautiful violet sky, with gentle preludes of starlight…..”

Juan Ramón Jiménez