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A Rose Preserved in Snow

The waters were talking, weeping,
Under the white rosebays,
Under the red rosebays,
The waters were weeping, singing,
By the flowering myrtle,
Above the opaque waters.”

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Scattered Notes II: Robert Bly’s Iron John Part 1 (A Dialogue with my Grandfather Part i and ii)

“I am not I…”
Juan Ramon Jimenez

A Dialogue with my Grandfather Part i
… an allusive text… allegory and a stretched truth.
the admittance of limitation. 94 more words

Platero and I

Platero is small, fluffy, soft; so soft on the outside that one would say he is all cotton, that he carries no bones.  Only the jet-dark mirrors of his eyes are hard as two scarabs of black crystal. 788 more words

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