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Praise yourself when you suffer.

When I see those who are troubled in society these days, I feel the damaged or weakened spiritual body of their own causes their troubles rather than a spiritual curse of other beings. 517 more words


In My Mind I Call You Home

So here’s a really interesting thing about Israel–you can feel the difference between standing in the sun and standing in the shade. Not in the regular sit-in-the-shade-because-it’s-cooler way, in the way that if I was totally and completely blind and I was walking down the street, I could tell you down to the centimeter if I was walking in the sun, in partial shade, or in total shade, because there is literally an immediate ten degree (F) difference. 958 more words

Stories of Jews in the Hare Krishna Movement

Though the Hare Krishna Movement does not attract the same level of attention as it did in the 1960s and 70s, it remains a living and dynamic worldwide religious movement. 175 more words


Martin Luther and his lies

that it is most solemnly and strictly commanded that we must be baptized or we cannot be saved (The Large Catechism
by Martin Luther XIII)

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Genesis 20-22

It is here we learn that Abraham and Sarah are siblings, but only half siblings if it’s any consolation.

This is also the part where Sarah, who had so desperately wanted a son that she urged her husband to be with their servant, insists that they cast Ishmael out into the desert. 397 more words


Telegraph: A new strain of anti-Semitism is on the rise

On Sunday a rally will take place in London to demand zero tolerance of anti-Semitism. Why is this necessary?

On March 19 2012, a teacher and three pupils were killed in a terrorist attack at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish Day School in Toulouse. 86 more words

Of Fish and Men

A coworker of mine, a Muslim, recently told me a legend of the split between Judaism and Islam. The story as I was told was supposed to have predated the Koran and the Bible as well. 690 more words