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The Math of the Great Flood (Doesn't Add Up)

I was surprised to find very few places where the math of Noah’s flood was discussed, so I made this video to illustrate the scale of what the bible describes.

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I don't see gray.

I don’t see gray.

The other day I was talking with some friends, one of whom is an Israeli, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A man came over and interjected into our conversation adding a few comments. 645 more words


Violent Orthodox Hit Squad Profiled in GQ

Wax, prosecutors would later allege, was part of a criminal syndicate “engaged in the business of kidnapping and torturing people, beating them up, tying them up, shocking them with Tasers and stun guns until they got what they wanted”—a group of hit men that had allegedly been abducting and assaulting recalcitrant husbands across the tristate area for decades.  [GQ]


Reading the Old Testament

Growing up in a household that was more culturally Jewish than Christian meant that unlike most westerners I was more familiar with the Torah than the Gospels. 398 more words



I’m struggling right now to remember whether or not I’ve ever gone to see a Polish film that did not fit into the pas de joie category. 1,239 more words


A Thought on Tefila - Days of Return

Three times a day, we say in the Shemona Esrai (Amida) – Hashiva shofteinu k’varishona, return our judges as at first, v’yoatzeinu k’vatchila, and our advisers as they were at the beginning. 329 more words