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Let us make man in our image...(Creation Pt. IV)

“Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness”

Every semester I ask my students what this passage means in relation to God. Inevitably, the overwhelming response is that God must, somehow someway, look like us. 1,441 more words


Israeli First Responders After Boston Bombing

Israel is behind the Boston Bombing.  There were Israeli first responder units at Beth Israel Hospital conveniently waiting for bombing victims.

There were also doctors communicating to in Hebrew via walkie talkies.  129 more words

Abrahamic Religions

Sermon Shoftim - Dragging faith back into the 21st Century

In R. Ishmael’s School it was taught: And like the hammer that breaks the rock in pieces (Jeremiah 23:29): i.e., just as is split into many splinters,  so also may one Biblical verse convey many teachings.

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Adele Reinhartz on the dilemma of the 'Jew' or 'Judean' debates

Mason is surely correct that ioudaios was a complex term that carried ethnic,
political, cultic, and many other dimensions, even if the jury is still out on the…

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Islamic Caliphate

As I have studied the origins of Islam over the decades, what has become clear to me is that Muhammad was a warlord. His converts allied with him because he promised them booty. 425 more words


A merciful heart resolves problems.

While we are awake, an idea comes to our mind one after another. We are always thinking about something different vaguely even while watching TV. When we have some trouble, for example, we are always worried about it no matter what we are doing. 665 more words