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parshat toldot

In a recent post (Isaac’s smile) we explored how Isaac’s name reflected his origins, personality and resolution of the angst in his narrative. 1,315 more words


Professor Timothy Winter's Islamic perspective on the Trinity

In this episode Dr Dale Tuggy talks with Professor Timothy Winter (a.k.a. Shaikh Abdal-Hakim Murad), an Islamic theologian at Cambridge University. He’s the author of a chapter called “The Trinity is Incoherent” in the 2013 collection edited by J.P. 166 more words


You can live strong with peaceful ancestors beside you.

Human beings will have various worries and troubles in their lives. But whether or not people worry about them so much as to hurt their heart(= Inner God) depends on the person. 534 more words


The Jewish People (Introduction to Western Civilization 5.1)

When we studied the history of the Jewish people, you learned that they were able to establish their own kingdom in about 1000 BC. This kingdom did not last long, however. 742 more words


How Will We Memorialize the Dead in Jerusalem?

Here, below, is the Shabbat e-mail I sent to my congregation today in response to the recent violence in Jerusalem. Click here to read a letter I co-wrote with Rabbi Alissa Wise for Jewish Voice for Peace, addressing the political context of these tragic events. 928 more words


Review: The Angel of Losses, Stephanie Feldman

There is a genre of fiction–perhaps “subgenre” is more accurate–that might be termed “Jewish fantasy.” Like the folktales on which they draw, entries in the genre hover between magical realism, the tragic, and the absurd.  872 more words

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