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Metal for Friday: "Revelations" by Judas Priest. [audio]

If you love metal, you love Judas Priest by definition. Judas Priest is to heavy metal what Shakespeare is to drama. You just can’t get smoother, heavier or a more perfect metallic sound than the crushing twin guitar assault of Tipton and Downing and the vocals of Rob Halford. 154 more words


When Heavy Metal ruled the world (or at least my corner of it)

Attics are strange places, chambers set apart for the safekeeping of precious objects and useless heirlooms, where entire realms of time and memory can be hoarded and sealed off from extinction. 1,097 more words

Bent Notes Column

Flower Wall, pressed and framed stolen flowers displayed with Breaking The Law by Judas Priest played quiety behind, 2014, Philip Speakman

Judas Priest to release new album!!!

Judas Priest just have announced their upcoming album on their Official Facebook page  More details coming soon! (The image below was what they put at their page) 29 more words


What day is it?? Ummm...Thursday morning music?? Judas Priest!!!

I love Judas Priest!!! Back in the early 90′s Rob Halford left the band and a guy named Tim Owens (Ripper) took over as the lead singer. 42 more words


H - Halford

What’s more inspirational than Rob Halford?

Orcus on His Throne

Dystopian Science Fiction

Real-world Period-fantasy


The answer is NOTHING.