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No Better Than Judas

Better is a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. (Pro. 16:8)

Jesus chose his twelve disciples knowing one of them would betray him. Do you ever think about this? 818 more words

#2 interpretaciones bíblicas, la traición de Judas

“Quería hablar de la Traición, de cómo duele, cómo desgarra cual puñal, más cuando éste puede matarte o ser el clavo ardiendo del que con gusto colgaríamos con rotar algo menos de doscientos grados;  cómo la luz no es tal sin la sombra que la empaña que a la vez le da la vida; los claroscuros de muerte en la misma,  el terror a no ser,  desaparecer desasido por aquel a quien con gusto besarías.” 223 more words


11/19 - Judas' Tree

Today, Judas’ tree
with a tire swing.
Not a soul around
but Jesus
swinging in celebration.

Who among us has the
courage of Judas?
He loved the most. 57 more words


Evil spirit?

So God is supposed to be all good, right?  But what about these verses – God sends “evil spirits” to rile people up, to make bad things happen.   1,020 more words

Bible Study


We like to think we are strong, and maybe we are, but there’s only so much we can handle at one time.  We are finite creatures with a finite capacity unto ourselves.   249 more words

Part 48: My Way or God's Way? (Luke 22:1-30)

Hindi lahat ng gusto nating makuha ay makukuha natin sa sarili nating paraan. Tulad ng isang Chinese na nagpropose sa kanyang girlfriend:

An unnamed Guangzhou man reportedly spent two years’ savings on 99 iPhone 6 models, in order to stage a wedding proposal for his girlfriend. 

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Judas, Peter, and hope for the rest of us

I have been really searching for the end of the rainbow lately. I suppose the light at the end of the tunnel would be a better way to put it. 1,162 more words