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JUDAS STOPPED AT DUBLIN: A Poem of Spiritual Pollution and Ablution (in Yeats 2015)


This blog and my books are sufficient witness that as writer and poet I don’t oppose criticism of Christians, Christianity or any religion. It is, or should be, a universal democratic right though increasingly non-western religions, not just militant Islam, oppose it.  3,327 more words

New Moon, New Painting

Last evening I attended a New Moon celebration(see previous post), great fun, but during the day I was at  hard at work on a new painting. 189 more words

Oil Painting

From Betrayal to Triumph

Reading:                                      Psalm 41

 (Verses 7-13)

All my enemies whisper together against me;     

they imagine the worst for me, saying,

“A vile disease has afflicted him;      446 more words


#Peace2015 ?

That hashtag was tossed around Twitter in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. If you search for it now, however, you’ll see it being abused quite a bit, and also attached to some hateful commentary. 790 more words


Le judas : une histoire d’oeil

Masculigne. Crée ta boîte vocale, laisse un message semi-caliente, et attend que le service de rencontre téléphonique opère sa magie. Qui sait où tu te retrouveras… 2,742 more words

The context of this post is a recent...

The context of this post is a recent set of emails between myself and a friend who left the Lord some time back. He is, at the moment, reading Acts and reflecting on what is said in comparison with other matters in the New Testament. 721 more words


A Letter to Kay, on religion

Sunday School; Personal For Kay
13 January 2015

Dearest Kay,
Your query re murder vs killing, brought the memory of one book and the nagging sensation that you were looking for much more. 1,645 more words

Historical Context