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 Water enveloping me, all around

Gurgling past my ears as I swim

Gurgling behind the boat as I sail

Gurgling around the bubbles express by my dive gear… 389 more words


In the Wake of Charlie Hebdo Moral Hysteria

SONY is hacked and blackmailed. Free Speech by U.S. Citizens is claimed to be assailed by foreign governments. A motion picture release is halted and millions of potential dollars are lost. 752 more words


Family Theology

No one was more surprised than me when the conversation at the breakfast table in the restaurant began with “Well, who do you think the first Christian was?” You see, the priest asked that question at mass this morning. 847 more words


Confession Beyond the Car Wash

As a realtor, I feel that keeping my car clean is a necessity. The 2004 Honda Accord that I drove home from the dealership in that same year is still rolling along…sometimes a little dusty, but not rusty like the salt erosion on some icy Iowa vehicles. 445 more words

Dennis Prager: which sin is the worst sin?

My friend Drew suggested this post to me to blog about, and I was able to find the Prager University video that goes with it. Drew really liked the video, as well. 595 more words


United We Stand, Divided We Fall!!

<3✝✡“One NationUnder GOD”✡✝<3

United We Stand, Divided We Fall from Reality on Vimeo.

<3✝✡PRAY for Our Judeo-Christian Nation USA✡✝<3

God Said This Below in His Holy Inspired Living Word in the Holy Bible!! 518 more words

The Deconstruction of America Along The “Do The Right Thing” Highway

How do I put this? Like a battered codependent wife who stays with her husband believing that he really does love her in his heart of hearts? 602 more words