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Bravo to the Catholic Church (Seismic Shift)

Wow!!! can you believe it, what marvelous news. What a huge shift in Catholic Church policy. This is something I have fought so hard for on my blog for so long. 643 more words



“Judge not…” ≠ Make no judgements:

By far, the most quoted scripture among those who don’t believe the scriptures to be the word of God is: 729 more words

Scriptural Discussions

#Serious Life Fails

Yesterday my husband and I woke up and drank our morning coffee in our sitting area while talking a bit. He asked me about my blog and offered several helpful suggestions and then, like he is so good at doing, he seen right through to my heart about this blog and my anonymity. 810 more words

Marriage & Submission

Judge Not, that You Be Not Judged

Selection from Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

According to the quality and quantity of the remains – that is, of the good and truth with a man – does he enjoy bliss and happiness in the other life; for … these remains are stored up in his interior man, and they are opened at the time when the man has left corporeal and worldly things behind. 366 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Judge not...

Judging someone doesn’t define who they are,

It defines who we are – when we do it!

‘Judge not lest ye be judged’

Words Of Wisdom

Journal Entry: Oct. 06,2014. A reflection of Self

For years I would emulate the people around me; molding myself like play-doh to the person I was closest with at the time, only to be able to mold into something else as soon as a different, powerful connection entered the picture. 1,061 more words

Life As I Know It