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Only God can judge you

Although I claim myself to be an non judgemental person, I realise I do and still continue to judge people.
I’m not quite sure why, because I do not consider myself better than anybody else. 112 more words


The Perils of Living Alone

It’s the beginning of week four of living pretty much on my own and I have – a bit too easily – compiled a list of the irritations, big and small, of this particular state of existence. 400 more words

Don't Judge me?

Every time you tell someone that what they are doing is wrong they come back with “only god can judge me”. Now i might be wrong but here is how i see it, excuse all the punctuation errors and grammar errors i don’t feel like fixing anything, yes I’m lazy i don’t care. 378 more words


A Beauty Pageant Judge

I got a fever yesterday and until now I still have cough and cold but that won’t stop me to post my ONCE in a LIFETIME experience. 583 more words

Online Diary

Day 63

I started this book today and so far it has been pretty amazing. What’s better than an angsty character who’s a witty, sarcastic, and constantly gets into trouble and under other people’s skin? 436 more words

Debby Reagan's Foreclosure Saga Against US Bank and BoA Continues

This is the continuation of her foreclosure story.

“The Springvale District Court saga:
In the Springvale District court, I gave proof that the bank’s lawyers showed TWO sets of originals of my note and mortgage deed. 379 more words

Maine Judicial System

The Paradoxical Nature of God

The nature of God is a fascinating and complex subject. Though we are created in His image, He is wholly other than we are. His thoughts and ways are completely, … 523 more words