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The sweat lodge

A time of thanks….yes, I believe that is whats in order for now. Over the last few days I have found myself wanting to rant and gripe and complain on here and I realized that I am going to give the appearance that negative crap is all that ever comes out of this over-active trap of mine. 881 more words

How telling her Ugly Duckling Story changed her life - Part Two

Wait for just a single sec! Before you read Part Two of Emily’s story, head here

The first meeting of Beautifully Made was eye opening in its own way and not in the way that I had initially expected. 534 more words

Guest Bloggers

Why the 'I was drunk' excuse is no longer valid.

Following on from my last post about how to drink without putting on weight… Why the ‘I was drunk’ excuse is no longer valid. Proving that people mean what they say, and what they do (all you ‘drunk cheaters’). 523 more words

At first glance

I read an interesting post the other day where a writer posed the idea that everyone is racist. At first I thought that was a bold statement that surely could not capture the truth of the majority of the world. 784 more words

Leave Jerusalem or die

Jeremiah says Jerusalem will fall; Ezekiel says Tyre, Sidon and Egypt will also fall, but Israel will be restored: Jeremiah 21; Ezekiel 27–29:16

We don’t know when Jeremiah delivered this message: was it during the start of the siege, sometime around the break (when Egypt had briefly appeared to help Israel), or towards the end, when things looked grim? 84 more words


Protecting our kids-a soft place to fall

Recently I was explaining to a friend about one of our lessons in church this last Sunday and she nearly begged me to write this post. 737 more words

Why Should I Quit The Habit Of Being Ungrateful?

Each and everyday you should wake up and be thankful for your life.  Consider the traits of ungrateful people (Negative, Complainer, Bitter, Angry, Blames and Accuses, Victim).   31 more words