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Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

I hear you when you speak of that girl in the hospital ward. The ‘overdose in bed three.’ I hear the harsh judgements sneering through your lips, the sighs and the mutterings of ‘what a waste of life.’ As a student, I am all too privy to such remarks made in the corners of these hospitals. 872 more words



a week before i was going to see you.
the day you sent me 2 emails.
1. a short update email. moms ill, matthews still needs major care and handling, there are balls in the air, and i should not overly analyze anything.

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A Personal Post on Preventative Medicine

I’ve been a bit delayed in my posts this month due to sicknesses. My son got a stomach virus (first one ever), then my husband, then myself. 536 more words

Truth or Lies?

I believe we are given free will so we can discover the infinite power that lives within us. It is the source of our dreams, creativity, self-identity and what makes us each totally unique; one of a kind. 179 more words


The First Post Jitters. Oh my!

So now that I have my blog space (is that how you refer to it?) set up.  I don’t know what to say.  Is that even possible?  293 more words