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The Insecurity Challenge: Day 16

She was wearing a lot of makeup.

I could actually see each of the caked layers and the strokes of mauve blush on her cheekbones. Her eyes were curved in thick black tips that lined the dark purple shadow. 197 more words


Carved In Stone

I came across this today, carved in stone:   “If I Knew Truth”.  Someone spent some time to carve that.  Someone thought it brilliant enough, important enough or thought provoking enough to carve it in stone.   416 more words

Life Chatter

‘He lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances. He had an odd autobiographical habit which led him to compose in his mind from time to time a short sentence about himself containing a subject in the third person and a predicate in the past tense.’

-James Joyce, Dubliners

Light through the shadows

Today, Spider jumps into our lives.

She represents the female aspect in our lives among many other things.  I tried to pick a “not so threatening” picture of a spider because many have quite a fear of them.  634 more words

Spirit Messages

Final Confrontation

For years, whenever I heard preachers talking about going to heaven and meeting Jesus to give an account of all we’ve ever done, I was terrified. 71 more words

Christian Living

Coming Back to Calm

How crazy life can get sometimes! And when it does, it is then that we simply need to stop, breathe in the loving magic of peace and breathe out the healing understanding of calm. 639 more words


I find it sometimes difficult to come out for what should be the most important thing in my life,,, my faith,,, When I tell someone that I’m Christian, I get the feeling that they find it strange… They are often not used to knowing someone who is Christian and have a lot of  prejudices about it. 586 more words