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Coffee Snob

Cafe patron: Do you ever sit in coffee shops and judge people based on what drink they order?

Dialogue Scraps

Not a Rant

I have been putting off writing this for a while but in the last week I’ve had four people say to me that they “don’t like feminism” and I’m tired of having the same conversation over and over. 1,036 more words


Come as You Are, Not as You Should Be

Sometimes it feels like Sundays at church are more like a gathering of professional actors as opposed to a fellowship of broken individuals in need of their God. 588 more words

Thoughts On Christian Living

The Lazy Housewife

Due to my husbands current occupation, I’m a housewife. We move a lot so its just too stressful finding a job, learning the job, staying there for a month or so, and then quitting that job. 604 more words


To look deep into the Soul of anything/everything

To look deep into something, is not to judge by how it looks on the exterior, but how it looks on the interior, while using your feelings to reach out to the feelings of what you are looking deep within. 576 more words

Day 22 - #600DayDiary : "One cannot plan for serendipity" - Let it find you

One of my tutors at university ( I wish I could remember his name, he was one of the good ones!) once said in a lecture… 286 more words



misjudged- judge incorrectly
it’s in our nature
we judge almost everyone and everything,
sometimes knowingly

if we look at things
from a different perspective… 49 more words