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What if . . . You are incorrectly judged or incorrectly judge others

So imagine the scene:

A normally very tidy person, wakes up late one morning and due to the lateness, leaves their normally tidy flat untidy. Not just a little bit but with an unmade bed, dirty dishes left from breakfast (scrambled eggs were hurriedly made in a pan) slippers left in the middle of the living room and dressing gown and night clothes flung on the unmade bed. 344 more words


Have you been serving Judgment vs Justice

Example #1

There is a lady who brushes you in the mall, you look up expecting an apology, but to your surprise you get a stern look as if you did something wrong. 471 more words

Self Help

Do Something Good

My heart breaks every time I learn about injustice. I am a deeply empathetic person– it’s just the way I am wired. I can see that people all over the country are experiencing pain and feeling misunderstood. 580 more words

Why Do I Try So Hard?

There is one really bad reason to put a lot of effort into things. And I’m the worst for doing it.

Let me give you some examples. 370 more words


What Are You Expecting?

Going to the malls during the holiday season can be a challenge of patience and endurance. Stores seem to stock up on so much merchandise that navigating the racks and stacks can leave us short tempered and exhausted. 636 more words


Parshat Shoftim 5774--Shabbat Torah Study at Adat Shalom Synagogue--Rabbi Rachel Shere--What kind of Judge are you?

Shoftim means “Judges” and it was a great gift to society and civilization that a system of courts with rules of evidence was given in the Torah. 377 more words