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Hurtful stereotypes

“You’re too young to be so sick….Oh, you are slow. You walk like you’re 80 years old.”  -Lab tech 

S and I got up early today to get my lab work done. 651 more words

He Is God and I Am Not

Good morning. It is Thursday, August 21, 2014.

Today is Poet’s Day. There a number of poets in the WordPress blogosphere, so I wish them all happy Poet’s Day! 1,250 more words


Go Ahead, Judge Me...

What power trip it is for many to judge the actions of others and make sweeping assumptions about a person’s character, values or being. For too many of us, applying our beliefs and values as a measuring stick by which we decide the quality of their being is far too commonplace. 491 more words

Heart Matters

What you miss when you judge others wrongly

Have you ever made a judgment call on someone else’s personality only to discover later that you were wrong? Yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing. And it happened to me yesterday. 861 more words



Maybe the society i live in has become silent, or all throughout history humanity has been shutting up. Or, quite possibly, i have lost the ‘Devil may care’ attitude when it comes to acceptance of crap around me. 540 more words


Which one of us is perfect?

So I’ve decided to dust off the old blog tonight to talk about something that has been on my mind since earlier today. Let’s start with this verse… 388 more words


Argentina, Some where warm

It’s a typical Monday in my wild and carefree existence. My husband is getting ready for work and I’m getting ready to go to the gym. 469 more words

Judging Others