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Protestants vs. Catholics

When Christians of opposing theologies condemn those who disagree with them on particular issues as heretics, I get irked. For instance, the Strange Fire Conference condemning the Charismatics, and many Protestants condemning Roman Catholics troubles me.   532 more words


Nice to Meet You. Now can I fix you?

Imagine you walk into a counsellor’s office for the first time, sit down, and begin to speak. You barely get your name out before the counsellor cuts you off, tells you all the things you’re doing wrong and that you’re in for a world of pain if you don’t turn things around quickly. 931 more words


Three things: finding friends

This article was written for a Readwave Challenge: 3 things I learned whilst...

I live in a small village in rural Wiltshire. Villages can be very friendly, but also very cliquey. 741 more words


Thoughts from John 8 (Dont judge but don't sin either)

In the well-known story, Jesus is presented with a woman accused of adultery. It was a plot to catch him out, so he put the ball back in the court of the accusers. 59 more words


Don't get mad at STUPID

Do you know any stupid people?  Do you know people who consistently do stupid things? Aren’t you glad you’re not stupid?  Stupid people just make you MAD.  399 more words

They mock me with judging eyes as I mention that I’m considering a career within personal training.

X: “But you don’t even like sports.”
Me: 481 more words


Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings

I am coping with life as best I can, because that is all any of us can do. And some days are fun and funny, sunshine and roses, smiles and warmth. 442 more words