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Scattered Saturday

Scattered Saturday is a new weekly feature in which I share random thoughts of mine. Here is what is going through my mind this weekend: 558 more words


What Will Happen to You in the After-Life Judgment?

There are really two questions here. First, “are you saved?” And second, “have you been following the Spirit, living in God’s love, and obeying and working for the Lord?” 440 more words


Judgment Day

Mr. president, why is there a United States Marine in a Mexico prison.
He’s been in there since April 1st.
Is his existence so minimal to you that you don’t listen? 335 more words


Existential Ecclesiastes

The earth remains forever;

In a state of constant flux.

We are but a temporary enigma,

From the earth we are continuously flushed.


The river continues to flow, 316 more words


Facing the Big Boss

For us who believe in eternal life or the life after death, we know that we will face the ultimate Judgment before (Hebrews 9:27… 580 more words


Does God overlook sin?

I have heard the story of Jonah many times. I even thought that it was an interesting observation when someone told me how Jonah was trying to go far in the opposite direction that God told him to go, away from the Lord, and sometimes we do that in life. 251 more words


Judgment Day Is Not Coming

The widely held notion that each person will be subjected to a post life judgment is absurd.  Such a process would be the epitome of injustice.  286 more words