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Help those who made mistakes | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is easier to judge people and quickly say what they could have done better than it is to talk about the way to help them out of their predicaments. 643 more words

Edible Pen

Artistic Archeology

Creativity and artistry are fascinating manifestations of where we notice holes in our idea of how the universe works. Whether it’s political theatre, a protest song, an eco-movie like Wall-E, or a painting of Gurnica, artists are the people who see past the theatre of belief to the underlying truth. 562 more words

Scott McPherson

Mustard Seed Faith

I’ve always struggled with the idea of faith. What is it to begin with? Is it something that we find small at first, and then watch it grow? 341 more words


Israel and Psalm 83 War


Sometimes we do what the Lord tells us to do whether we think we are capable of doing so or not.  I have seen several things showing me the Psalm 83 scripture and feel that it is important to discuss.  798 more words

"While You Still Have Breath"

“While You Still Have Breath”

You must answer these questions
Your day of reckoning will come
Where will you spend eternity?
Do you know Jesus, God’s Son? 201 more words


The Real Reason to Stop Judging

For the most part, we’ve all been taught that judging is bad. Being called judgmental is pretty much never a compliment, and if you’re of a religious persuasion, you may have been raised with the ol’ “judge not lest ye be judged.” Regardless, we’ve all come to know this as treating others the way we’d like to be treated, and generally speaking, most of us don’t like being judged. 862 more words


Revelation Chapters 12-14

Today’s message is part 4 of 6 of our survey of the Book of Revelation as we are going to look at chapters 12-14. In chapter 12, we’ll discover that the battle between good and evil takes place in a dimension beyond what we can see with the naked eye. 2,429 more words