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the sense of not having arrived

For one reason or another, and actually for a good number of reasons I carry the sense of having not arrived. While I admit to thinking primarily of the personal end of things, I also want to think beyond that to the world around me and the world at large. 767 more words

The BIG problem that Liars have!

If you are interested in Christianity and the Holy Bible, then you must find yourself seeking answers on the Internet. As I research a Blog or Video, I often use Google Search. 413 more words


This Thing Called Love

For years I divided my life into before and after. Before I met Christ and after I met Christ.

I used to be part of a church that outreached a lot; they preached fire and brimstone, hell and death, sin and sickness on the streets as a way of reaching out to the unchurched. 505 more words

Christian Blogs

Guest Blogger Paul Coulombe Post #2: Can we stop judgment without being mindful?

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.

Eckhart Tolle

Guest Blogger Paul Coulombe…

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Tolerating intolerance II

I do not tolerate the homophobe. He does not tolerate the gay person. How is our intolerance different?

The thing condemned is different. He condemns a natural expression of a human being which does no harm. 326 more words

Being Human

Praying for the Lost

Nothing happens without prayer. The salvation of sinners lost and bound for hell is no exception. If we love sinners as Jesus does and want to see them saved, then how do we pray for them? 414 more words

Christian Life

The Sharpest Sword

There is a growing trend to treat the word of God as irrelevant.  Many claim that the Bible is a dead document.  Many claim that the Bible is, at best, outdated.  722 more words