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I am Filing for a Divorce...

…from Fear.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been married and I hold no expectation that I ever will be. However, today I declare my toxic relationship with fear to be over. 749 more words

...& Onto The Path

"Until Now"!

II Kings 13:23 describes God’s treatment of the people of Israel who had rebelled against Him for years. It says that “YHWH was gracious to them … and would not destroy them or cast them from His presence until now.” There is an important lesson in those last two words, “until now.”

Devotions/Bible Studies

Friday Fuzz- Judgment

Today’s Friday Fuzz feature is an article I came across. It is written by a transgender man. It is simple but it really does cut to the heart of the matter. 131 more words


The Sheep and Goat Separation begins with Israel

The Sheep and Goat Separation Begins with Israel
One of the signs of the end time true church of Jesus Christ and the end time apostate church is revealed in the hearts of believers or supposed believers supporting Israel or not. 677 more words

Baby Boomers

A Letter of Importance

Dear Everyone:

When you see a woman with ultra-short hair, refrain from verbalizing your assumptions as to why she has almost no hair. Yes, certain generalizations may pop into your head but keep them to yourselves. 414 more words

Real Life

Jezebel In Our Midst

In Christ’s fourth message to the churches in Revelation, He follows the familiar pattern established in the previous three. He catalogs both commendable traits and those which He counts against them. 999 more words


In a Whisper or a Shout, Owning It All

Through fear.

Through judgment.

To own it all.

But how?

In Through Fear and Judgment To Own It All, I Dare You I wrote about how the ownership of my story, of all of our stories, is done not without major fear and not without facing judgment. 470 more words