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An Alternative Explanation for Black Female Rejection

“…if black man keeps running behind every skinny white bitch he sees, then we’re fucked… It is hard as concrete to find a good, college-educated black man of my age and my wage and now I have these Girls Gone Wild tramps I have to compete with? 2,490 more words


Ginsburg Says Citizens United Was Supreme Court's Worst Ruling

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says in a new interview that the Citizens United ruling paving the way for more unfettered campaign spending by corporations was the current court’s worst decision ever. 176 more words

HGov: Judicial System

The president appoints all federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, who then must be approved by the Senate. Judges who are appointed to the district courts, the courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court serve for life. 833 more words

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Are the Italian prosecutors too powerful?

In Italy, prosecutors are magistrates, a term which includes both judges and prosecutors. Exactly like judges, prosecutors are independent from the Government and respond only to the Higher Council of the Judiciary. 237 more words