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HGov: Review Judicial System and SCOTUS Case Studies

The U.S. judicial system not only resolves conflicts, but also shapes public policy through the judicial review process. The United States has two separate but related court systems: one federal and one state.  250 more words

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Shameful Justice: Does Shame or Guilt Punish Fairly in America?

Credit: vergenetwork.org Justice

A time for telling truth has come upon us now.
We needn't lie to get us through these times
You see it in my slain eyes and tensioned brow.
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Confessions: The Private School Murders

Authors: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

As though she hasn’t had enough stress in her life with her parents’ recent death, Tandy Angel is now confronted with multiple additional frustrations. 347 more words

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I lived in Chennai for few years and I am still unable to understand their obsession with film stars, film stars turned politicians and the posters which simply take you to whole new level of destroying and defacing of the public property. 173 more words


If there is no free will, what is the purpose of punishment?

As I showed without reference to mechanistic particles in my discussion of free will, free will cannot exist even in a purely idealist world because the mind stuff by which we choose future potentialities are just as formulaic as our material world. 506 more words


Jury Duty

Oh, bastion of jurisprudence
pain in my posterior

I should be honored at the chance
to view the inner working of our judicial system,
to enact fair and honest adherence to our laws… 35 more words