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No Videos, No Pictures - Just My Thoughts

So far, we have all been drawing on pre-made, pre-written, and pre-drawn materials in order to start the conversation.

But this morning, I got to thinking – how about just using words to start a conversation? 242 more words

Stand Your Ground

The State VS Curtis Webber

All rise!
Let me tell you a story about a man named Curtis Webber
Curtis was a nice man who lived for his daughter
But because her mother hated him, he barely ever saw her… 797 more words


Cops Kill More Innocent people

This is f**king insane and of course the deputies won’t be charged even though they showed a total lack of judgment, common sense and intelligence. The man was not armed as stated so he obviously was not an imminent threat to the officers who were armed. 150 more words


Matt Taibbi Writes About the Courts!

Matt Taibbi Writes About the Courts!

Taibbi has a new book out about the American judicial system. Below is an excerpt from a review featured in the magazine, In These Times. 542 more words

Business Ethics

The good, the bad, and the ugly (April 6, 2014)-Adidja Palmer Edition

A Jamaican judge sentenced four convicted murderers to life in prison, with hard labour, and no less than 25 years before parole would be considered. Publicly, some people, including relatives of the convicted men, wept and were openly distressed. 1,816 more words


In Arizona, the law states: “Certified reporting is integrally related to the prompt, effective,

and impartial operation of the judicial system.” Most, if not all, states echo this sentiment about the importance of the court reporter to the judicial system. 159 more words

Calm on the surface because of the paddling going on underneath

I did it again: I said that the vast majority of people in Jamaica must be quite decent. This time, I was not alone, and was agreeing with someone whom I know is very hard-thinking and often ready to criticise those and that which many defend. 3,186 more words