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Adrian Peterson and the new NFL

if you follow the news at all you know that the video of ravens running back ray rice knocking out his future wife has made waves. 226 more words

Twelve Angry Men

Author: Reginald Rose

Twelve men enter the jury room, having heard the evidence from a murder trial. It seems a foregone conclusion: obviously guilty. Yet one juror holds out and votes “not guilty,” not so much because he is convinced of the boy’s innocence as that it doesn’t seem right to condemn the boy without at least discussing the case first. 272 more words

Book Review

Three Things To Do Before Being Sentenced Regarding A Federal Crime (2009)

1. Get bail.

2. Get your stuff in order.

3. Spend the holidays with the family.
Not everyone could do this-
For the majority, that bail and holiday would
be a sure miss.


Judicial Games: How the Hunger Games and Jury Duty are the Same Thing

A group of people against their will enter a lone space together. They desperately want to leave but signs of authority are everywhere. Armed officers and cameras watch their every move. 1,541 more words


Jinnah: A Lawyer.

Being a law student, I have always found Mohammad Ali Jinnah to be the finest lawyer sub-continent has ever witnessed. Jinnah’s outstanding career as a Counsel is beyond any cavil or controversy whatsoever.  1,221 more words


These people are still walking the street - think before you speak

When people make the remark “You’ve told your story, but these people are still walking the street”, often they do not see the bigger picture. I have worked endlessly with the police.. 230 more words

Child Abuse

Kids for Cash (2013)

Temperature: warm

The fact that this movie is a documentary should’t scare you away, the fact that most than 70% kids that enter the juvenile judicial system in the United States can’t get away from it. 394 more words

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