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Are our 1st Amendment rights being revoked?

This touched me soooo much, That I just literally almost cried at work. This is the best clarification and answer for anyone that is law enforcement and feel some type of way about how Black America views the law. 190 more words

1st Amendment Rights

An ArteNote: "Criminals are Stupid"

We all know that to be a criminal is certainly not very smart. And we know that they cannot see consequences (a great word given that implies “with sequence”), meaning they cannot see past the immediate need or gratification and their ability to predict the future (jail and worse) is missing! 152 more words


The Serial Phenomena

Serial is a new podcast that has rapidly become the most popular podcast of all time, with well over 1 million individual listeners. Produced by many of the people involved with WBEZ Chicago and This American Life, it’s a podcast that spends a whole series dedicated to just one gripping nonfiction story. 1,677 more words


Protests Take Over the Nation

This fail is coming in light of serious need of social change in the US. This past week a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who was caught on tape choking a New York City man to death. 210 more words



Ok, I realize that I haven’t posted in a while. As a matter of fact, it’s been a long while. When I actually saw how long a span it has been, I really couldn’t believe it. 284 more words

Are You Kidding Me?

One hundred more steps

If you turn on the news right at this moment, you’ll think the world is falling apart. I suppose that’s been true since “the news” began, but it seems like the unrest is pushing further and further into our own backyard, with riots and marches happening in cities thousands of miles away from the incidents that caused them. 894 more words