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Illegal ID thieves become victims in topsy-turvy world

The laws that Arizona citizens look to for protection from the life-altering crime of identity theft are not worthy of being enforced if the perpetrator happens to be an illegal alien, in the world according to U.S. 345 more words

Illegal Immigration

Gunned to Rights

This documentary dissects both sides of the debate ‘Gun Control or Gun Rights’. It contains views from a concerned citizen, former police officer, a gun control coalition representative and more. 37 more words


Judge Katherine Cooper’s cringe-worthy lack of judgment

Convicted sex offender & fugitive live-in boyfriend arrested at judge’s home

In a startling report of a judge —- entrusted with life or death decision-making in the lives of Maricopa County residents —- KPHO-TV 5 exposes the personal reality disconnect of Superior Court Judge Katherine “Kay” Cooper. 327 more words


CHANGES TO JUDICIAL APPLICATIONS - starting with Recorder March 2015

From April, all judicial posts will be measured against a new set of competencies.  There will be 6 of them now instead of 5, but each is still likely to be limited to 250 words each.   267 more words


Colorado chief judge requests tax money, but doesn’t want to discuss how she spends it

From Watchdog.org, by Arthur Kane, Jan 2015

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice asked the Legislature last week for more tax money, but afterwards declined to discuss why the judiciary exempted itself from state open records laws, including how her department spends the hundreds of millions of tax dollars it currently receives. 231 more words


Pension issues in SBI read in conjunction with judicial system of India:

Judicial system in India being most grotesque one, the pension issues in the case of retirees from State Bank of India are grossly subjected to a frustration laded confusion resulting into a tortuous plight for them. 386 more words


ALRB Unfair Again!

So on January 19 2015 I received the following letter once again from the
Alberta Labor Relations Board.

ALRB Letter January 16 2015

Once again the Alberta Labor Relations Board shows how unfair you are to an… 457 more words