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Beware of Spurned Judges By MILT POLICZER

Courthouse News Service:

“Hell hath no fury like a judge spurned.     

 Anyone thinking of voting out a sitting judge might want to keep that in mind.      40 more words

Milt Policzer

566.3 - Judicial Tyranny Still Exists - YouTube

Look back at judicial tyranny rulings in the past, concerning ourselves with useless issues, and the problems that need to be fought against. We must fight a…

Episode 566 - Our Judicial Tyranny

Part 1: Weeping for America The Bible does say to have joy, but there are also scriptures about those that mourn. Learn about the Bible verses that teach God’s people to groan over the issues of their land. 139 more words

judicial vs. judicious

Judicial means of or relating to justice, judgments, or judges.
Judicious means having good judgment; prudent or wise.

Source: Grammarist


First Monday in October

It was the first Monday in October and that means the Supreme Court of the United Status (SCOTUS to all the cool kids) is back in session. 487 more words


5th Circuit Court lets TX close most abortion clinics

We often express our disappointment in the far left rulings emanating from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which has appellate jurisdiction over legal issues in Arizona and eight other states plus two territorial courts. 242 more words

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