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Weight Lifting vs Calisthenics/ lightweight, Can you get bigger without weights? Gregory M. Howell

Nothing Beats Weights for gaining MUSCLE SIZE? I have to say if you want to become a Bodybuilder then there may be some truth to this statement. 545 more words

Gregory M. Howell

Where Does The Time Go?

I want to apologize to everyone. I keep saying that I’m going to update my Blog/Vlog more often, but I could never get around to it for various reasons. 232 more words


Two to Tango... 1953 Strategic Air Command combative measures footage

Taking another break from wildlife to look at budo, this came my way as a post on E-Budo.com combined with information from an electronic book sample I happened to stumble upon. 465 more words


Strength & Technique

Last night I trained at the Chiyoda-ku sports centre again, and again it was a hot humid and stuffy night. It was raining heavily while walking to the dojo, however the temperature was still approx 30 degrees. 681 more words

Summer Judo in Japan

For those out there that have visited Japan during the summer you will know that you cannot escape the humidity, many of the days during August are over 30-35 degrees C. 659 more words

Be Careful Fighting a White Belt and Other Things I Learned in the Martial Arts

Experienced martial artists share a common fear – the dreaded white belt. This is the person who has had just a few months of martial arts training and is not yet capable of controlling punches, kicks, or throws. 1,076 more words


Rafael Mendes Seminar

Please fill out the info below to register for the Seminar. Simply enter your first and last name, enter your email and then click continue to next step. 33 more words