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Movie Review: A Passage to India (1984)

When a director has films like Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai, and Doctor Zhivago on his resume, he’s set for life. Sir David Lean was his name, and when it boiled down to his overall style, he thought big. 668 more words


Opportunity For A Democratic Sweep In District 38 On The Shore


In Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties and Baltimore City, the 2014 elections are just about over. The winner of the Democratic primary can take a vacation all summer long and expect easy victory in November. 814 more words


#302 Naked Lunch

(1991, David Cronenberg)
“Exterminate all rational thought”

David Cronenberg has built a career out of gross, weird films filled with things that shouldn’t be. But the quality can go either way. 769 more words


A Passage to India

From the very first frame – the opening credits in fact – A Passage to India commands our complete attention. The names in classic lettering are superimposed on Indian art of a predominately a golden colour; thus the stage is set for an exotic tale of epic proportions. 919 more words


Celebrity (1998)

There are some Woody Allen movies that seem of their time and others that seem somehow timeless, perhaps because Woody has never been particularly interested in contemporary culture. 630 more words

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