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The Radio Dan Show: Oct. 23rd, 2014


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Dan complains about Facebook, Christian Bale gets a Job(s), live action Archie TV series is what the world needs, Avengers trailer, Coogan replaces Hoffman, Hitch TV series is not what the world needs, Weekend Movie Previews: John Wick, Ouija, 23 Blast, Laggies.

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Archie Meets Predator Crossover Coming From Dark Horse And Archie Comics

Move over Arnold – Here comes ARCHIE!

Through time there have been epic cross over comics such as Alien vs. predator, but this spring Archie Andrews will some how cross paths with the ultimate hunter from the Predator films in a new four-issue crossover series… 150 more words


Here a Witch, There a Witch

Archie Comics has traditionally struggled more than other comics at staying relevant, modern and current.  As opposed to other comics which can update their settings within their storylines, there are certain elements of Archie which remain tied to the past. 538 more words


Betty & Veronica #272 (Archie)

CREDIT: Archie Comics

Rating: 4/5 – Are Betty and Veronica Leaving Riverdale for Good?
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo.

I attended an Archie Comics panel while at Baltimore Comic-Con this year based on the publisher’s successes with Life with Archie and Afterlife with Archie, two comic books with which I’ve fallen in love. 474 more words


Jughead Jones, non-conformity, and you

On Jughead Jones… 

Paraphrasing a few websites:

Every outsider group seemed to have a tailor-made hero: science nerds had Spider-Man, kids who’d lost loved ones had Batman, gay teens had the X-Men, rage-filled youngsters had The Hulk, straight-up sociopaths had The Punisher and so on.   243 more words