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JUGS QuickSnap LiteFlite Slow Pitch Protective Screen

To expertise in the slow pitch softball, choosing the proper equipment alone is not going to help. It is always important to do things right. Practice should be organised and fruitful. 331 more words

For Jugs Quicksnap LShape Pitchers Screen 7 Feet

Mike Marshall was born in Adrian, Michigan in 1943. Marshall is one of the great pitchers of the 1970s, but he did not have the same sort of success in terms of numbers that a lot of the other great… 290 more words


Jugs Sports BaseballSoftball Travel Screen Simple

You might have seen those great big jugs of powder in the pharmacy section at your preferred department store and questioned what they are all about. 303 more words


Solutions Jugs LiteFlite Battery Pack

You should consult your drill manufacturer before buying a new battery charger – buying a cheap charger online might kill your battery faster than you think. 242 more words

Check & Log: Basic shapes & Fundamental form

Are the objects in your drawing the correct size and shape in relation to each other?

The objects appear to be the same size but in some of the drawings the perspective is wrong affecting the overall shape. 123 more words

02 Basic Shapes & Fundamental Form

Exercise 7 Jars & Jugs

I thought boxes and books was awkward until I tried to draw an ellipse!

I stared this exercise by throwing caution to wind and drew an ellipse, hmmm. 182 more words

02 Basic Shapes & Fundamental Form

A Hyperbole of Junk

I like collective nouns. Who doesn’t, right? A flamboyance of flamingoes. A charm of goldfinches. A murder of crows. A wank of actors.

It occured to me that come my seventies I am going to be one of those women who have to be lifted by crane via the roof of my house because it is so full of junk and trinkets. 444 more words

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