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15 Day Juice Fast: Day 4 & 5

Day 4 and 5 were great and peaceful and relatively stress free except for one thing: caffeine withdrawals. They kicked in full force on the morning of Day 4. 900 more words

15 Day Juice Fast

On the Juice-October Juice Fast

Today was the first day of my October Juice Fast.
I spent the first half of the day just drinking coconut water and water. In the afternoon, I drank an orange juice of carrots, butternut squash, orange colored tomatoes, organic corn kernels, Orange (the fruit),and golden beet. 379 more words


Day 4- Feeling Good

I am really surprised that I got no withdrawal symptoms on day 2 and 3 for this fast. It has not even felt like a fast to tell you the truth, it has been the easiest juice fast (mentally) I have ever done. 123 more words

San Diego Fit Juicers

Day 4

I had my weigh in this morning: 218.1

Up…the scale went up. There are multiple reasons for this:
1: The scale is stoo-pid sometimes. I’m no stranger to the scale going a few pounds up one day and then bolting downward the next. 95 more words

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Juice Fasting & Teacups *Days 1-3

Teaching others a concept and learning it yourself can be two very different things. 4 years ago, I was a prayer leader at my university. I had the task of coming up with a lesson each week to encourage the particular girls that were in my dorm. 794 more words

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Fall Juice Fast

I decided a while back ago that I would do a juice at the beginning of every season. We are not quite there yet but… 135 more words

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Beautiful Day: Day 6- Juice fasting and quitting smoking

What’s left in the Fridge Juice!

So I hike about three miles with my pup on this beautiful 70 degree day! I am feeling lighter, less fatigued, and better all around since I began juice fasting, which was the goal. 172 more words