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Juice Fast Update: Day 16

Remember this?

I’m there again. Good feeling is gone and my hunger has returned with a vengeance. Coupled with boredom, this is not good.

I’m on Day 16. 153 more words

Veganism And Homeopathy

About us.

We are an Aussie/American family who love good food and good health. We recently moved from the Sunny Coast of Australia to Ethiopia, and while the mangoes just don’t compare here, the avocados and papayas are AMAZING…. 545 more words

Healing From Lymes Disease

Day 1

Start weight 138

I juiced 1.5 litres of carrots, Apple, cucumber, orange, and grapes today. That kept me happy during the day.
My husband brought home a chicken and though not planned, I had some roast chicken on a spinach salad for dinner. 56 more words

Fish Fruit And Fasting.

A little Magic...Cellulite Reduction Methods

Most women (a few men too) have some cellulite and the fact is only a small percentage of women are immune to it. It doesn’t matter if you are super fit, overweight or slim it’s formation has much to do with hormones and toxins in the body, and the breakdown of collagen fibres ( … 781 more words

On Reflection 2014

At the end of 2013 searched for a word to base my whole 2014 around, this word was ‘Action’. To many sentences in my head ended with” I can’t do that …………..” This had to go…… As I sat thinking “what do I want to do”? 221 more words