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Detox Your Body Fast - 10 Things You Should Know About Juice Fasting

A true fast does not include any food or liquid other than pure water. But the experience of the European health spas has shown that drinking only vegetable or fruit juices during a fast greatly increases the cleansing or detoxification capacity of the body. 531 more words

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10 day juice fast. DAY 1: I'm already hungry

Woke up this morning after pre-juice fasting panic dreams. In my dreams I was starving… I was dreading being hungry… I was panicking I’d forget that I couldn’t eat. 263 more words

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Fat, Sick and nearly Dead

I’ve always enjoyed my fresh juices, swearing that if I have my favourite juice every day – my favourite being carrot, apple, orange and ginger, I won’t get sick. 593 more words

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Day 25, 40 Day Fast

Day 25

Sometimes I let my burdens weigh me down, draining all my joy and peace, until the heaviness of the sins of the world are pressing in on me, choking out my life and light. 702 more words


Detoxes & Fasts: Conscious Healing or Unconscious Diet Fads?

Detoxing has become something of a phenomenon, it has achieved rock star status within the worlds of nutrition, health and beauty and well, if you haven’t detoxed then basically you’re just not rock n roll enough for this superfood infused raw vegan yoga fest! 1,029 more words


Fat Sick & Nearly Dead | A Joe Cross Film

An Australian travels America and juice fasts for 60 days. This wealthy Day trader hits a health crisis and decides to do something about it. A great watch. 15 more words