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Is the kale shortage good news for humanity?

There is a worldwide shortage of kale seeds due to the increased demand for this healthful leafy green. In fact, the demand for kale has risen so much recently that the amount of kale grown in the US has increased by 57 percent since 2007. 499 more words


Getting Ready to Go On the Juice Again

Things have been hectic for me lately. I always seem to be caught in a maelstrom of happenings and activities. Some good, some not so good. 456 more words


Fave Things Thursday - Food edition

I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite things of the moment.  I love reading these type of posts on other people’s blogs (their love lists, what i’m loving wednesday, etc.). 261 more words


Awesome V10 Juice Recipe!

For those of you who love to juice fresh vegetable and fruit juices, you HAVE to try this one! One of our members in our Reboot with Joe Cross Guided Reboot group came up with it (Ric) and it ROCKS! 17 more words


RnR STL Marathon Training

Another week down for Rock and Roll St. Louis Marathon training.

Brandi was generous again this week with a fresh haul of cucumbers.   They were my primary juicing ingredient. 137 more words


Top 7 Alkaline Herbal Teas (Yes Herbal Tea is Alkaline!)


Hi guys

Since I’ve been promoting hydration asthe most important part of the alkaline diet I’ve had heaps of questions asking me whether herbal teas are alkaline, so I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about my favourite alkaline herbal teas! 223 more words


Gettin' Your Cleanse On!

After my last two posts on juicing, I received many questions regarding my opinion on juice cleanses. I’ve never gone on a juice cleanse but I do come from a scientific background, (I studied Bio-Medical Sciences in University), that along with my research, I can apply to this matter. 514 more words