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JUJU Coming December 9 & 10 to PC, PS3, and Now Xbox 360

By Staff Reports

Flying Wild Hog has announced a new system and release date for JUJU, the upcoming platformer with a cooperative twist that makes it perfect for all skill-levels. 309 more words

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A Layman's Guide to the Big Data Ecosystem

Charles – Chuck – Butler, a colleague at Canonical, wrote a very nice blog post explaining the basics of Big Data. It does not only explain them but it also allows anybody to set up Big Data solutions in minutes via Juju. 98 more words

Disrup. Technology

Virtual Machines, Containers, and now LXD: What's best for me?

First there were virtual machine instances running on bare metal or para-virtual hypervisors, then came containers allowing for better utilization of virtual machine instances, and now we have the Linux Container Daemon ( 328 more words


Juju Quickstart 1.5.0

The UI Engineering Team is proud to announce the 1.5.0 release of Juju Quickstart!
Juju Quickstart helps both new and experienced users to quickly start Juju and the Juju GUI, 228 more words

Wellies Are Wellies

I HAVE ONLY EVER had one notable pair of Wellington boots in my life. They were pink, glittery and emblazoned with Barbie’s beaming face, as was the norm for us ’90s girls. 254 more words


Four Reasons Why We Should Give More Compliments

Even though you like her shoes, you won’t say it because she’s got your dream job. Or he’s got the sweetest ride but you’ll never tell him because you’ve been saving up to buy the same model for 5 years now. 620 more words