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McTavishing Mug-Rug Monday………..

Once again…..I just canNOT resist alliteration (words beginning with the same letter in sequence)! And to answer the question that is possibly being whispered: NO, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!!! 424 more words

and then some


This weekend, we had a panel-talk at JP Knit n Stitch.

This time, it was me, Pippa Armbrester, and Alice Webb Greer. Alice took the photos in this thread — thank you, Alice!! 963 more words

The Urge to Serge?

My main goal in sewing is to make clothes for myself and I pretty much live in dresses and leggings. During winter I like to wear leggings with long tops that cover my butt, however, finding long tops the last few seasons has been impossible. 433 more words


My new Juki F-600

Since purchasing my new Juki F-600 I have been really making an effort to make time to sew, which can be difficult when you have a full time job, try to make an effort to exercise regularly, have a house that needs to be cleaned, and have a boyfriend who doesn’t like to leave you alone when you try to craft. 201 more words


Juki DDL-5530

Mesin jahit 1 jarum bekas ini sangat cocok untuk menjahit bahan tipis seperti kaos, semi-kulit/ kulit tipis, katun, kain keras non-woven maupun dakron tipis. Mesin jahit bekas ini buatan dari Jepang asli. 24 more words


Juki DU-1181

Mesin jahit hi-speed 1 jarum bekas sangat cocok untuk menjahit berbahan tebal seperti terpal, sofa, jaket kulit/ denim maupun jok mobil. Mesin ini memiliki sepatu khusus untuk memudahkan belokan jahitan dari sudut tersulit manapun. 47 more words


Sewing Machine Shopping

My first sewing machine that my bf lovingly bought me was a Brother XL2610. He bought it for me because it had good reviews on Amazon and it was cheap and we had no idea if I would actually like sewing, so it seemed like a good purchase. 867 more words