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Ladies, tell 'em...

My place in your world will never be on my knees.

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Lust for the Fade

It is strange to be powerful. I am not powerful because you have an attraction to me. I am powerful because I question you and I am powerful because I believe in solitude. 146 more words

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Show Me Your Teeth

With teeth barred, we peel back layers of skin until raw flesh is exposed, blue blood oxidizing to red. And with teeth barred, we touch. I feel his pulse beneath my veins and somehow it is known he is apart of me. 67 more words

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Ocean Salt


  Our bodies thrashed in the water and while nothing was the same, all was bandaged. We laughed, it wasn’t deep belly hilarity, but a laugh of frustration, a scream masked with a smile to be let go into the sea. 188 more words

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The French Chef and Lovecraft: Or How I Discovered a Historical Writer had Used the Cthulhu Mythos in her Book.

I have a forty-five minute drive each way from my home to work, and my car radio doesn’t work. Fortunately the CD player does, so I often raid the Estacada Public Library for books on CD to listen during my commute. 1,615 more words

Garden Delight

Garden Delight

An organized medley
Of vegetable dressings,

Pole beans……

Summer squash….

Lovely beet greens…..

Growing together,
Yet individually,
Julia Child expounds,
“Scientific workability!”
Truth and consensus existing. 62 more words