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bipolar roundup and my reactions

I’m totally procrastinating stuff. And I blog so much to avoid thinking. I used to play a game on a tablet when my head was too hellish, but then the tablet died. 476 more words



My green beans and kale are killing me. I just cannot seem to pick them fast enough to keep up with how quickly they’re growing in my garden. 1,932 more words


Palmiers: Two Ways

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” – Julia Child

Have you guys seen this auto-tuned PBS ode to Julia Child? 280 more words


C&C Dinner Party Series: Woodburning Oven Options

Well it’s official – I’m at a crossroads in my career trajectory. If you are an adherent to this blog then you can tell I love food. 921 more words

The Cub

Ladies, tell 'em...

My place in your world will never be on my knees.

Lust for the Fade

It is strange to be powerful. I am not powerful because you have an attraction to me. I am powerful because I question you and I am powerful because I believe in solitude. 146 more words

Show Me Your Teeth

With teeth barred, we peel back layers of skin until raw flesh is exposed, blue blood oxidizing to red. And with teeth barred, we touch. I feel his pulse beneath my veins and somehow it is known he is apart of me. 67 more words