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The Language Archive - Play Review

“What is death to a language.  There are 6900 languages in the world,  Every two weeks, a language dies.  This statistic moves me more than any other.   407 more words

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Review: City Lights' 'The Language Archive' strong in its unity

George is a somewhat awkward gent. He bumbles around his cluttered office, a room filled with boxes and boxes, and most importantly, an old reel-to-reel tape machine. 789 more words

The language of love vs. the love of language

By Ande Jacobson

Few would argue that the primary purpose of language is communication. Still, there is a vast difference between transmission and reception between two people even when they ostensibly speak the same language. 1,015 more words


The conflict of communication the focus of City Lights' 'The Language Archive'

George is a scholar at a language archive, and is an expert in languages that are becoming extinct, such as the late 19th century language Esperanto. 727 more words