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Dreaming of Number Two

How often do you think about the Vice President of the United States? If you’re like me, then the answer to that question is not often, now please leave me alone. 520 more words

Towson U Gets A Hollywood Visit

Guess who is filming there?
Julia Louis Dreyfus TV series, “VEEP”! Today they are filming on-location at two Towson University Campus sites. Watch for the filming crews at SECU Arena and The Auburn House.


Best Laid Plans

Let’s do this thing. So I had planned to head to the famers’ market that takes place every Thursday near my office – but it is the most disgusting rainy day here so that plan was foiled as I wasn’t very interested in going outside once I got here. 608 more words


Five Television Actors Who Just Improved With Age

Age is not valued in our modern society, we’re told. You hit forty and you might as well just seal up the coffin. But, as we all know, some things are better with age. 412 more words


A Post About . . . “Nothin’ ”

As I dashed off to church, mulling over what to post (besides the announcement of the winner of Tiger Tail Soup by Nicki Chen—that’ll come later in the post), the premise of… 591 more words



I adore HBO’s Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. 

Sharp writing, killer wit, and probably an all-too-sad-but-true take on the absurd popularity contest called politics, in which so little ever really gets done, and what does get done is invariably at the expense of the people and for the profit of the U.S. oligarchy.