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Photoshoot for lifetime Witches of East End

EZ Productions :Since we’re working with the cast of Witches Of East End again today, we wanted to share some photos of our last project with this great group of magical beings!



Leading Actors in Mary, Mother of Christ

An investment professional and philanthropist, Alfred Zaccagnino has also contributed his skills as the executive producer of the film Mary, Mother of Christ. Alfred Zaccagnino has secured distribution for the film by Lionsgate and anticipates a 2014 release date. 159 more words

Alfred Zaccagnino

Temple Grandin (2010)

“Temple Grandin” is a really interesting movie about a fascinating woman that allows us an inside look at an unknown world. This is a must-see for people struggling to understand loved ones with autism or for AS people themselves, because close family members will understand autism better and people on the spectrum might see themselves in the intrepid but troubled Temple. 466 more words

The East

When I first saw the trailer for this I was somewhat confused. I then read the two sentence summary and was even more confused. So I was forced to consult the interweb for an accurate description. 228 more words

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Opening lines: What are you looking at, Caroline? (Daisy)
The wind, Mum. They say the hurricane is coming. (Caroline)
I’m on a boat. I’m drifting. 1,074 more words