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Your true self is partly discovered and partly created

We all believe in what we call our ‘real self’, the one that stays with us notwithstanding changes we experience throughout life. We find comfort in the idea that our true self is a permanent thing and is always there for us to offer stability in life’s unstable and chaotic order of things. 452 more words


3 Days Of Thought On The Wall

In the real world we can do whatever we want and when the sun shines on us then we’re on top of the world, even if it’s just for a while. 190 more words


4 Days Of Thought On The Wall

So, if you’re lucky, then you did the right thing, and if your unlucky, then you messed up?

What if the right thing happened as a result of some serious lack of luck, or, if some serious luck produced some serious wrongs? 51 more words


5 Days Of Thought On The Wall

I am of the opinion that ‘charity begins at home’.

But, with that said:

I want to look after my family as best I can within my means. 99 more words


6 Days Of Thought On The Wall

Same old, same old, Baggini.





7 Days Of Thought On The Wall

3 per cent after 300 days? Must make a bigger difference than what he’s asking everyone to believe, or it’s really as small as he wants everyone to believe? 36 more words


Spirituality and the jigsaw puzzle

What prompted me to wake up with the thought of looking for ‘Julian Baggini’ (I had forgotten his name)’s quote on optimism on Saturday morning on November 1, I cannot explain. 1,222 more words

Human Evolution